What is the best way to study for MH CET 2020 Exam?


The State Common Entrance Test Cell, Government of Maharashtra has announced the date of the MAH-LLB [5 Years] exam as 11th October 2020. However, the MAH-LLB [3 years] exam dates will be released shortly.

Comprehensively referred to as MH CET 2020 exam, it is a gateway for thousands of students to enter the esteemed state colleges of Maharashtra. In this article, we shall shed light on the numerous techniques of how to prepare for MHT CET as well as a few important tips to shape your MH CET preparation online.

How to Prepare for MHT CET: Exam Pattern & Syllabus

The Legal Aptitude and Legal Reasoning is a common section on both 3 year and 5 year LLB courseswith slight alterations. There are 150 multiple choice questions in total with each question carrying 1 mark each. Total time allotted is 2 hours i.e., 120 minutes. The following table lists more details to help you with your MH CET preparation online. There is no negative marking.

Section No. of Questions [3 year LLB] No. of Questions [5 year LLB] Total Marks [3 year LLB] Total Marks [5 year LLB]
Legal Aptitude & Legal Reasoning 30 40 30 40
General Knowledge & Current Affairs 40 30 40 30
Logical & Analytical Reasoning 30 40 30 40
English 50 30 50 30
Basic Mathematics [only for 5 year LLB] 10 10
Total 150 150 150 150

How to Prepare for MHT CET: Underlying Tactic

The difficulty level of the MH CET 2020 exam stands somewhere around the easy-moderate level. As an answering strategy, candidates must attempt all the 150 questions as there is no negative marking involved. Factoring in the inevitable 10-20 incorrect answers, a score of 125-135 can surely be enough to cross the line.

However, candidates must be prepared to face questions that twist play and merge around with different concepts, so, the questions can be intimidating at first. As for time management, 120 minutes for 150 questions is quite a task. While General Knowledge is pretty straightforward and can save your valuable time, legal reasoning is known to eat up time, so manage accordingly. Stick to the per question minute rule.

MH CET 2020 Exam: Legal Aptitude & Legal Reasoning

  • This section consists of 30-40 questions according to the course. As per the official syllabus, it will test the candidate’s understanding and application of legal concepts, legal aptitude, problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. Given specific legal facts, situations and prepositions, candidates will be expected to apply such concepts and arrive at the correct answer.
  • Going by the last year paper, this section can be said to be on the easy Topic-wise, 12 questions were asked from Contracts and 11 questions were from torts. Further, around 14 questions belonged to Criminal Law. A score of around 32-36 is typically considered ideal in this section.
  • As the syllabus is quite vast, we suggest to attempt 2-3 short topic-based tests every three days on fundamental legal topics and augment that with 2 full-length and timed mock tests every week. This helps in boosting retention and recall skills.

MH CET 2020 Exam: General Knowledge incl. Current Affairs

  • Topics: History [Ancient, Medieval, Modern], Indian Economy, Indian Polity, General Science [Physics, Chemistry, Biology], Current Affairs [Awards, Books, Arts & Culture, Important days &events, etc.] of past one year.
  • The difficulty level is hard to gauge but it can be put down as easy-moderate level. Static GK accounted for 12-13 questions including 7 from Static Legal GK such as Indian Judiciary System especially the Supreme Court and High Courts, the Central Government and all its Ministries specifically Ministry of Law and Justice, Law Commission Appointments, Bar Council of India and related topics.
  • Try to incorporate creative learning techniques including mind maps, flow charts, diagrams, quizzes, puzzles and games. You also choose to use methods such as self-explanation, keyword mnemonics, summarization, distributed practice and interleaving practice.

MH CET 2020 Exam: Logical & Analytical Reasoning

  • Looked closely, the questions on this section essentially test skills of argument and flaw identification, application of crucial legal principles, conclusion drawing, scrutinising explanations, etc. As per last year, there were 5 questions from matrix arrangement, 5 questions on the linear arrangement and 4 on syllogism.
  • One of the trickiest sections, the difficulty level of the last year paper was Typically, a score of 24-27 keeps you in good stead.
  • For this, you can make use of multiple MH CET preparation online resources such as online assessment sessions, feedback forums, prep tracker and much more which help you gauge the level you are at and the road ahead.

MH CET 2020 Exam: English

  • Topics: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, Error Detection, Vocabulary [Synonyms, Antonyms, One-word Substitution], Jumbled Sentences, Paragraph Completion, Column Matching. As per last year, there were 3 questions each from Fill in the blanks, Error Detection and Grammar Correction.
  • There are 30 questions out of which 21-23 is a good score. The difficulty level is normally easy though the reading comprehensions can be a bit tiring.
  • Be on the lookout for trigger words such as ‘but’, ‘however’, ‘and’, ‘or’, ‘neither…nor’, ‘either…or’, that change the orientation and direction of the statement. Furthermore, an important MH CET preparation online material you can download are word lists containing synonyms, antonyms, origin, common usage and other forms.

MH CET Preparation Tips: Basic Mathematics

  • Topics: Ratio & Proportion, Number System, Speed & Distance, Simplification, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Average, HCF & LCM, Venn Diagram, etc.
  • The difficulty level of the section is typically easy. Quadratic equations and Ratio& Proportion accounted for 2 questions each with 3 questions from Venn diagrams.
  • In the last week of the exam, refrain from diving into new topics and stick to doing of 1-2 mock test per day until the day before. During the exam, leave 5-10 minutes in the end for revision.

The underlying strategy to crack the MH CET 2020 exam is to have confidence in yourself and believe in your abilities. Don’t worry about family expectations or pressure and give your best.


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