What is eToro: What kinds of accounts available?


eToro is a multi-asset network that provides both equity and crypto investment as well as numerous financial derivatives.
Online trading platforms are a dozen or so today, but there are those out there that continue to grab people’s attention. One of these is eToro, a trading site that has been around since 2007 and located in Israel. Today, eToro has millions of members worldwide. U.S. based customers in authorized jurisdictions have connections to a subset of resources (by regulation) that brokerage allows, focusing mainly on cryptocurrencies. At the outset, eToro was a graphics-intensive platform and optimized the techniques for crypto trading. The main characteristic of this specific proprietary platform is the simplicity with which an individual client can participate in copy trading.


eToro is an open trading platform that integrates a social aspect of investment. 

The eToro network involves investors who want to be copied and who obey risk-control laws. This availability then enables retail account holders to replicate the trading and trading practices of the most active customers, both instantly and in real-time. It must be remembered that copy-trading in and of itself has no assurance of profits or losses. 

Account Types

There are three forms of the account currently provided by eToro.

Live Account

The first form of account is a live account, also defined as a real account. This account enables investors to use actual capital to invest. If your mission is to use the platform to achieve real-world control, this is the account you should be using. Remember, however, that most investors lose trading, so you’d better be careful when using this account.

eToro Demo Account

The second form of account is an eToro demo account, also known as a virtual account. True to its word, toro demo trading enables investors to use virtual money to trade. This account is risk-free, which implies that you can use it to evaluate new ideas and methods without the danger of failing your hard-earned currency.

eToro VIP Account

eToro also has a membership in the VIP club. Five levels are eligible for this program: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum+, and Diamond. Considerably higher third parties will earn more incentives, such as industry research and live webinars for gold members, no withdrawal fees and exclusive properties for platinum members, a subscription to financial times and passes to platinum+ members’ sporting activities, and an introduction to the famous eToro Diamond Gala event for diamond participants. However, all VIP members, including silver members, are provided with a dedicated executive assistant and a regular market review. The amount to be controlled for these accounts starts at 5,000 units of local currency for silver members and 250,000 units of local currency for diamond members.

Mobile Version

eToro is now offering a mobile application. The android app feels pretty much like the desktop edition, but it’s a little lacking in a couple of ways. Drawing tools, for example, are not available on the smartphone device. Also, out of 67 desktop indicators, investors only have adoption of 5 smartphone app indicators.

Portfolio Analysis

There is not a lot of portfolio research on the website. Tapping on the portfolio will show your cash investments and adjust the price since you opened the place. You can modify the available columns in the portfolio listing, or replace one with “Net Invested” or “Fees” if you want to but customization is very minimal. If you press on your own or any other user name, you can see some profitability trading figures.


It is not that hard to deposit and withdraw to eToro. Just ensure that the accounts you use the deposit and withdraw the money fit the username you have on the website. The minimum initial deposit is 200 units. You can deposit through a range of experiences, such as bank transfer, credit/debit card, Skrill, China UnionPay, PayPal, Neteller, and so on. You can withdraw your money the same way you can deposit your capital.

eToro Fees

Fees are inevitable when you’re using an online trading broker. Like many other sites out there there are 2 types of fees you can find on eToro. The first, trading costs, is what you incur when you trade. It contains borrowing costs, conversion payments, spreads, and commissions. The second, non-trading fees, is what you incur outside of trading. This specifically includes penalties for inactivity or payments when you withdraw from your account. Both eToro trading and non-trading fees are not very big, particularly when compared to other platforms.

Additional Features

eToro has also some additional features which helps traders to trade smoothly. Let’s know how to trade on etoro as some of the features are given below.


Perhaps the most special function of eToro is ‘Copy Trader.’ This helps you to filter through other users to easily see their financial background, such as how much they have earned or lost for any given time.

Famous Investors

Another great advantage is the ‘Famous Investors’ program. This rewards the customer based on how many copies they have in the context of a monthly commission. The software also promotes responsible trading, and we will address this in more detail towards the conclusion of the guide.

Standard Economic Calendar

There is a standard economic calendar that displays all upcoming and current activities that can affect your business.

Market Analysis Tool

There is also a market analysis tool incorporated in the web, TipRanks, which displays relevant news headlines. This is particularly critical if you are trading a commodity that is reliant on external events. You will have exposure to drawing methods, such as lines and rectangles, to help you develop your trading strategies.

Additional Security Features

Traders have the alternative of enabling two-factor verification of their accounts. This is beneficial to those who are worried about making their account more stable.

Support for Several Languages

At present, eToro supports 21 languages, a significant number relative to the majority of other brokers.

Cryptocurrency Wallet

There Is a dedicated smartphone app for all eToro cryptocurrencies. It bears a striking resemblance to the eToro mobile app, and you can also control social trading from this app.


Not all brokers are providing push alerts, but eToro does. On the web edition, you will get a browser update any time one of the resources on your watch list hits its market valuation, or when the demand is completed. You get an app update on the smartphone edition.

Customer Service

eToro provides several ways to communicate out to its customer service team. It normally takes less than a minute, depending on user experience, to link to someone on the team. You can communicate with a live agent until you find a light blue connection to the chat service.


Although there are numerous positive comments regarding eToro as a support, there are also a few drawbacks that have been brought to this point. This includes the following:

  • There are no clear commissions paid, but trades are conducted with unique spreads that differ from coin to coin. Some of these spreads are very broad.
  • Relatively poor minimum requirements for most copy trading


eToro is a great forum for novice and seasoned traders who are particularly interested in cryptocurrencies trading. eToro gives beginners cryptocurrency trading an enticing platform that is surprisingly simple to use-until you need support. Study offerings are light and you’re going to have to do some searching and spawn a ton of new browser tabs to get access to additional education. Yet the misfortunes of the trade are inescapable. It is recommended that traders apply their tools and approaches to achieve effective trading and to gain benefits before trade starts.


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