What is E-Juices / E-Liquids? Top 5 popular Vape juice


What is E-juice / E-liquid?

As we know it, vaping uses E-juice to create smoke. E-liquid contains a mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), nicotine and flavoring.

Vegetable glycerin (VG)

Vegetable glycerin (VG) is an organic compound produced by heating coconut oil and palm oil, resulting in the purest solution. This is a very commonly used ingredient in industry for its primary purpose of providing moderate sweetness and maximum water retention. VG’s excellent ability to absorb moisture from the air will always maintain the smoke density of the vape, allowing users to enjoy the most unique and enjoyable feeling.

 Propylene Glycol (PG)

The same main role as Vegetable glycerin is to preserve and moisturize, but Propylene Glycol is sweeter and produces more flavor levels. Not only that, PG is also certified for safety from the US Food and Drug Administration, widely used in the food industry.


Nicotine is not a major constituent of e juice, but only accounts for a small percentage as an alternative method for people in need of smoking cessation. If you’re still concerned about this, you can opt for 0mg nicotine e juice, no nicotine content.

On the other hand, you should look for some essential oils that match your interests and desires to have an enjoyable and memorable experience. Therefore, using vape completely does not affect the health of users, ensuring relative safety for all ages of customers.

5 most preferred vape juice available today

1. Blue Raspberry (60ml): Blue Raspberry Candy

The combination of raspberries and blueberries produces an exotic flavor that very few brands have. The sweetness of these two delicious fruits is adorned with a mild sour taste to balance the flavors. With just one inhalation, you will immediately notice that the scent of blue raspberries and blueberries blends well together. Sweet and sour and sweet, the taste will make you fall in love with it.

2. Strawberry Watermelon Chew Range (60ml): Watermelon strawberry flavor 

This is the perfect fruit mix between the scent of garden fruit and tropical fruit. The fragrant strawberry scent mingles with the luscious, succulent flavor of watermelon that will fill your breath with the colors of tropical fruits. In addition, you will feel a little taste of chewing gum, which will definitely impress your taste buds.

3. Fresh Mango Salt Nic (30ml): Mango flavor 

One of the top most delicious flavors is IVG’s Fresh Mango. With Fresh Mango, the main flavor is the pleasant taste of fresh mangoes, as its name suggests. Outstanding in the variety of mango scent products, the mesmerizing aroma and sweetness of ripe mangoes in Fresh Mango will take care of your taste buds to the last drop.

4. Blue Berg (60ml): Cold blueberry

Believe it or not, when vape essential oil has a bitter taste? Blue Berg will recreate a mouth-watering flavor with blueberry. A perfect balance between the bitterness of a blueberry and its sweetness. The strange pre-taste and the cool aftertaste of the ice will make your mouth cavity explode! If you are looking for a taste that is both strange and delicious, then Blue Blerg is not a bad choice!

5. Kiwi Lemon Kool (60ml): Mint Kiwi Lemon 

Kiwi Lemon Kook combines a fresh fruity scent with a cool mint flavor. The flavors of fresh lemon slices and kiwi leave a fragrant sweet taste on the tip of your tongue, stimulating you to feel more of a cool mint in the aftertaste.

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