What Is Diesel Exhaust Fluid and how can it Help your Vehicle

What -is-Diesel-Exhaust-Fluid-and-how-can-it-Help-your-Vehicle

Diesel exhaust fluid( DEF) compromises of 67.5% of deionized water and 32.5% of urea. It is useful in vehicles that use diesel as the primary fuel of consumption. The fluid helps to reduce nitrogen oxide to nitrogen gas and water.

The diesel exhaust fluid is directly sprayed into the exhaust stream of all diesel vehicles. Most models that are from the year 2010 use this type of fluid to mitigate the risk of toxic gases. The DEF does not act as an additive to diesel fuel and rarely comes into direct contact with it. Its storage is very different from the diesel tank to minimize the chances of any reaction.

How much DEF does your vehicle require?

There is no standard measurement of fluid consumption as it tends to differ depending on the vehicle. Heavy-duty vehicles will consume more than medium-duty cars.

How to know that your vehicle has less or no DEF

Before full consumption of the fluid in its system, the vehicle will give a specific alert to inform you. Most manufacturers design the car to produce a signal when the liquid is below the 10% mark. The indication to look out for is the flashing of a lamp on the dashboard.

Uses of the diesel exhaust fluid

Reduces pollution

Nitrogen oxide is the major pollutant gas in the atmosphere. Scientists have proven the gas to cause acidic rain and the greenhouse effect—also, the toxic gas causes the erosion of the engine’s parts and the exhaust system.

The fluid will help reduce the toxic gas to substances that are safe for your car and the environment. Nitrogen is a naturally occurring gas and has an insignificant effect on the environment. Additionally, water is useful in the background and can help to cool down your engine and other parts.

Comply with the EPA regulations

The EPA requires that all diesel vehicles use the fluid for better efficiency and to reduce environmental pollution. Ensure you adhere to the regulations to avoid facing harsh penalties due to incompliance.

The engine runs efficiently.

With the use of diesel exhaust fluid, the engine can perform optimally. The engine’s designers set it to run efficiently and produce high output while the fluid controls the emission of gases. It ensures the functioning of the engine is as per desired in the long run.

Reduces wear and tear

The fluid is also effective in the reduction of wear and tear in the parts of the vehicle. The reduction of wear and tear will reduce the chances of your engine breaking down. Also, it reduces the need to conduct regular maintenance. Thus it is correct to conclude that the fluid will reduce the costs involved in the repair of various parts of the vehicles.

Bottom Line

The DEF is crucial in diesel vehicles due to the above reasons. Lastly, it is worth noting in freezing conditions, the DEF is warmed up by the running engine and can effectively thaw and continue with its emission purposes.


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