What is CTR? How much CTR is good?


Every smart businessman out there is marketing and branding in the digital channels today. Similarly, while getting digital marketing services, running promotions and advertisements on various digital channels is one of the key marketing techniques that one applies.

We know that running ads on digital platforms is effective and affordable. However, we should also know that we can get the information about the ads performance. Similarly, according to the data, we can make changes and tell the digital marketers that are working for us to make the necessary changes in the ads to get better results.

Similarly, there are many important terms that an advertiser should know about when running digital ads. Click-Through Rate (CTR) is one of those terms that every businessman running ads digitally should know about. Similarly, CTR is one of the key indexes that indicates the effectiveness of our ads among viewers in Google and social networks. So, let us take a further look at CTR.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

In simplest of terms, Click-Through Rate (CTR) can simply be defined as the metric that gives the measure of clicks one’s ads receive as per the number of impressions. In addition, getting a good CTR is essential if you want any of your PPC campaigns to be successful. Also, CTR plays a crucial role in defining an ad’s Quality Score and also the amount someone pays when they click on it.

In general, we can even call CTR’s as the rate in which PPC campaigns are clicked. Similarly, this metric can be calculated by getting the percentage of people who viewed the ad and then actually went on to click on the ad itself. It can simply be retrieved by dividing the total number of clicks by total number of impressions the ad made.

How much CTR is good?

Well, anyone who is running PPC campaigns knows what CTR is, then their main concern would mostly be the CTR value. Often, trying to define a good CTR value is a hot topic of discussion for anyone working or interested in this field. Everyone out there wants to know the value that is appropriate for a good CTR. However, one should know that there actually isn’t any magical number when it comes to CTR.

In fact, CTR’s value will actually vary from one industry to the other. Moreover, the click-through rates of one’s promotional methods may even vary from one campaign to the other or even from use of one keyword to another. Every miniature detail in which the advertisement is shown plays a part in its CTR value. From the ad copy to keywords to the ad’s rank in result pages, everything plays a part.

In addition, if one is really looking for a number when it comes to CTR, there are two values based on if the ads are run is search or display networks. Search and display ads are both two different types of ads so their CTR values will also differ accordingly. For search campaigns, the average CTR in Adwords is said to be around the range of 1.91%. Similarly, the average CTR in Google Adwords for display campaigns is said to be around a range of 0.35%.

Ways to improve CTR

Targeting Right Audience

We should be clear that it is the audience who eventually click on the ads and helps in increasing the CTR value. Therefore, as advertisers, one should be very wary about the audience that one’s ad is reaching up to. Also, we can set up the audience of our choice while running PPC campaigns. Therefore, thorough study and efforts should be put in the stage where we define our audience for the ads.

Attract and Adjust in Ad Creatives

Yes, this might be the same thing that you might have heard multiple times elsewhere. This is an important factor as the looks of the ads matter and plays a big part in people clicking it. Especially when it is display ads, the ads sizes and structures should be maintained as to where you wish your ads to be displayed. Similarly, by creating alluring graphics, the viewers will be tempted to click on it, increasing the CTR.

Be Specific

Often, when running PPC campaigns, they are found to be run without a specific message. This is one of the major problems when running search ads and is also one of the key reasons behind most failed PPC campaigns. If an ad won’t be giving a clear idea regarding its message and information, viewers will not bother clicking on them. So, by being very specific and accurate with our promotions, we can then get interested individuals to take action and click on it.

Using Extensions

Search ads are just text-based ads. Therefore, you might think that not much can be done except for giving a great message. However, through extensions, we can increase the ad space, make it more visually appealing and even make our ad and brand seem more legit. So, spending five more minutes on extensions can improve your search campaign’s CTR and overall performance.



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