What Do Super-Rich People Spend Their Money On?


The super-rich exist in a world that is different than the world for most people because they can afford to buy and do whatever they want. They do not need to consider the costs or value of things because the money spent is inconsequential. This includes luxury homes, cars, clothes, accessories, food, and experiences. The super-rich also pay for things like security and privacy because their wealth puts them at risk.

Here are a few examples of things the super-rich spend their money on.

Luxury Watches

Luxury watches have always been a symbol of wealth and status. Even as cell phones have taken over the need for a watch, the wealthy still wear watches as a status piece for their wardrobe. They can shop GMT watches on WatchBox, one of the world’s leading platforms to buy, sell, and trade pre-owned luxury watches. Rolex, Tudor, Grand Seiko, and Sea-Dweller are luxury watch brands that wealthy people don’t think twice about spending money on. They can choose watches with a second time zone, stainless steel, gold, or any other detail they want.

Vacation Homes

Vacation homes in tropical or remote locations are significant for rich people to own so that they have other homes to get away to when they want a break from everyday life. They can find Malibu houses for sale through their listing agent with the square footage, lot size, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and great room they are looking for. Regardless of what they want, their broker or listing agent can find it for them. There is an ample supply of houses for sale in Malibu and other areas of Southern California. They choose the neighborhoods they want to live in, and their broker makes it happen. They don’t have to be bothered waiting for something in their price range to become available and hoping for the best.

High-End Vehicles

High-end vehicles are also a common item bought by the rich because they can afford to purchase impractical luxury vehicles. Depending on how rich they are, they can have a different vehicle every day of the week and then get a driver to drive them around. Vehicles have also been a status symbol for those with a lot of wealth. The super-rich can collect cars, buy exotic or rare vehicles, and buy the newest in car technology even when it isn’t available to the general public.

Fine Dining

An ordinary expense for the super-rich is fine dining. This can mean eating out at the most expensive restaurants daily or having a gourmet chef come into their home to cook for them. They eat gourmet and exotic food prepared with the freshest ingredients. They grew up with formal dining experiences and are used to the presentation and high expectations. They can afford to pay for the best food experiences the world offers, and it is a regular activity for them.


The super-rich also spend money for discretion. This includes paying staff not to share information about their personal lives, hiring lawyers to protect what is written or published about them, and paying people to stay quiet when it is scandalous. They pay for the security that will protect their physical safety and social safety, preventing people from getting too close, taking pictures, or trying to talk to them. They can pay for private rooms at restaurants or clubs, private boxes at performances, and private entrances at hotels and resorts.

Being super-rich is a different experience, but it also seems normal if that is how you were raised. They have access to buy things that aren’t available to everyone. They buy experiences that aren’t open to everyone, and they enjoy a level of privacy and protection that most people can’t afford.


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