What Do Inpatient Addiction Treatment Programs Look Like?

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Programs

For most people who have not been personally affected by alcoholism and addiction, their only knowledge of inpatient rehab programs is what they have seen on television or in movies. While there are some truths, there is more to them. You might make lifelong friends, learn about yourself, laugh, cry and change your life. Here is a closer look at what the process looks like.

Detox first

Inpatient facilities can have an in-house detox center you attend first to make sure you have no drugs in your system. This can last anything from 5 days to 14 days. You have monitoring from health care individuals and are medically evaluated throughout as some substances are dangerous during the withdrawal stage. Patients have help with the process since there are uncomfortable symptoms as you experience withdrawal. During treatment later there will be several therapies to also help you cope with these cravings.

What happens when you get there?

When you arrive you are check-in and asked a few questions about the detox process. You will have another medical evaluation to check things like blood pressure and such. They will talk to you about your treatment plan, your medication needs and any other special requirements you might have. Keep in mind that all staff that are a part of addiction treatment programs are committed to one thing – your recovery. Be honest with them and if you have questions, ask. You then get a tour, seeing things like a laundry area, cooking area, common rooms, treatment rooms and so on. It is likely the end of the tour will include where you will be staying.

Sleeping arrangements

The kind of rooms and things you see depends on the type of program and facility you are at. Some are more like a luxury resort and some more like a medical center. While sleeping arrangements vary, from private rooms or suites to shared dormitory-style, most separate by gender. Sexual relationships are forbidden since your focus should be on your recovery only. Some programs will kick you out if you ignore this rule. Your sleeping time will be scheduled for your treatment plan. If sleep is hard, tell someone and you may be allowed to take medication to help.

Food and nutrition

Having a healthy and balanced diet is important. The right foods are an important part of recovery. Some will provide meals cooked for you, some will include the preparation of meals by patients as a part of your chores. Some will allow people to eat when they want to, and others have set times for meals that you have to stick to.

Connecting with family and friends

A part of alcoholism and addiction treatment is often forcing patients to disconnect from the modern world, so there are no distractions. Most programs will restrict communications to certain times and some will take away things like phones and tablets. This also limits people if they try to cheat and have someone bring in their drug of choice. That does not mean you cannot see anyone for the entire process, having support from loved ones is important.


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