What Color Roses Should You Use for Graduation Celebration?


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Different colors of Roses for graduation hold unique meanings. Consider how it can deliver a message to a graduate. Each color has its meaning, but this is not always a basis for consideration when giving it as a gift.

Based on their color and species, flowers such as roses are given meaning. The general symbol of the rose is love and its different colors give different nuances of meaning. But, the basic meaning of this flower is about love.

You can even give a bouquet in a rose color according to the favorite color of the graduating student. Nevertheless, you still need to know the true meaning of each rose color, you can combine several colors in a beautiful bouquet for graduation.

Choose the Right Color of Roses for Graduation Gift

On graduation day, giving a gift is important since it is understandable that they will be very happy and their friends and family happy and proud of them. One thing that might annoy the latter is what bouquet to be given to them.

  1. Red rose

One of the most popular and common rose colors is red, this is the symbol of beauty, romantic love, desire, and passion. So if your beloved one is graduating, just give him/her a bunch of fresh red roses.

Originally, the red rose was associated with Aphrodite or the Greek goddess of love based on legend that many people hear. Myth has it that when Adonis, her lover, was injured, she stuck her foot in the thorns of a white rose hastily to run towards her.

Her blood fell to the red rose, turning it into a symbol of romantic devotion and extraordinary passion. There is also the legend that Mark Anthony was seduced by Cleopatra in a room completely covered in red rose petals.

You can boldly declare that you love somebody by giving a dozen red roses.  These red roses can be given to someone who has just done a stage show or completed a bid milestone like a graduation or a big work project.

  1. Yellow roses

In the Victorian era, these roses accused the recipient of infidelity and signified the accused, not a very happy message. But, today, they represent friendship. If you send these roses to someone you might like, may not be the best option because it signifies that you were interested in being a friend.

For happy occasions like engagement or new baby, or graduation, sending yellow roses is wonderful congratulatory. You can also thank someone for assistance or support by sending these flowers, it is a good choice for somebody who needs some encouragement.

Another Choices of Roses differing from the Graduation Flowers, Singapore

Roses are always great. To show your cheerfulness and admiration, roses are a great way. Orange roses are unique and enthusiastic. Also, do not forget about pink roses, lavender roses, and white roses. Sending a bouquet of roses is advisable.

  1. Pink roses

These pink have quite a wide range of symbolic associations, generally, they symbolize happiness, admiration, innocence, dignity, elegance, and gentleness. Like their different shade, they convey different meanings.

A paler pink roses for graduations signifies sweetness and elegance, they are a great choice for the start of a romance. A great thank you gift is a deeper pink, for young ladies or women, they are also suitable especially for commemorating or congratulating milestones.

  1. Peach roses

This color represents gratitude and sincerity. The alternative meaning of this color is sympathy. This pale peach can convey an admiration for someone. It is sweet to combine with other colors of roses in a bouquet for your beloved one’s graduation.

These colors can be chosen to be arranged in a great bouquet, you also can add some decoration on graduation flowers so that it will look more charming and as special as the graduation day of your special one.


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