What can you do With an Outdated Diamond Shape?


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Diamonds are beautiful, and every human on this earth would love to have a diamond, but do you know that the diamond shape can affect the price value of your diamond. From fancy-shaped diamonds like hearts to popular round diamonds, shapes have evolved. Many diamond shapes are no longer popular as they have gone out of style now. If you have such a diamond, you can go for cut upgrades to increase the value of your diamond.

There are ten diamond shapes, and each of them has different values. So, how are you going to know what the worth of your diamond is? Diamond Buyers Orlando are experts who can help you understand the actual value of the diamond cut in your possession. Another question is what to do with your outdated diamond shape? Buyers have experts who can help you evaluate your diamond’s value in the best possible manner. It is wise to seek help from an expert who knows the real value of your diamond.

Diamond shapes and their popularity

Princess cut: – This diamond will have a square shape and pointed corners. It was invented in the year 1980 and is the 2nd most popular diamond shape.

Oval: – This diamond shape was invented in the 1960s, and it is available in plenty of proportions. Oval diamonds make your finger look thin and long.

Round: – This is the most popular shape and is very high in demand in the current market. 75% of diamonds are round in shape sold worldwide. The circular shape makes the diamond visually appealing.

Cushion: – This shape is pillow-like with large facets and rounded corners. This shape was popular in the 20th century.

Pear:- It is a teardrop shape and one of the most popular shape diamonds.

Emerald:- it is rectangular and has step cuts, and was popular in the 16th century.

Radiant:- It has trimmed corners and is also available in rectangular and square shapes.

Asscher: – It was developed in Holland in the year 1902 and is rectangular

Herat:- It is often used in making engagement rings and has been around for centuries as a symbol of love.

Trillion: – It is a triangle in shape and is bolder cut than other traditional styles.

These are the different diamond cuts that you will see in the market. Some of them are outdated and also have lost their value. If you have obsolete diamonds, it is recommended to seek help from Diamond Buyers Orlando to know the value of your diamond.

How can the shape of your diamond affect its value?

Round shape diamonds are the most popular in demand. Those who are looking for any other shape are going to find many options. Every diamond shape mentioned above has unique characteristics marquise diamond cut is an outdated diamond cut in recent times. There are even people who are looking for obsolete diamond shapes. To increase the value of your marquise diamond is to go for a re-cut. It can be re-cut into pear and oval shapes to increase its value. Pear and oval shapes are high in demand as compared to the marquise.

Why Re-cutting diamonds is a great idea?

If you have any outdated-shaped diamonds, then re-cutting is the best way to increase its demand. Unwanted diamonds can be a huge burden as they have no value, but re-cutting diamonds in the demandable shapes can instantly help you gain fortune out of it. Re-cutting also helps in eliminating inclusions like blemishes or crystals. Cutting is going to increase the aesthetic and quality of the diamond. Diamonds are a great source of money and can also be used as collateral, but only the popular ones are worthy.

If you have an unwanted diamond, then look into all the factors that can help you in increasing its value. Jewelers may not accept outdated diamonds and will guide you to re-cut them to increase resale value. You can also re-cut your diamond and make a new jewelry piece out of it. This will also increase its resell value, and every jeweler is going to accept it for loans.

Re-cutting of the diamond will not only increase its value but will also modernize it. The older cut diamond might not meet today’s standards so that re-cutting will return its brilliance. Today we have more modern technology and tools. This will help in more precise cuts, and issues in the diamonds can also be addressed with ease. Whether you have a chipped diamond or an outdated cut with modern options, you can deal with every issue and increase the worth of your diamond? Diamond Buyers Orlando will guide you best on evaluating your diamond jewelry and what best can be done with your outdated diamonds. Visit Diamond Banc to know more.


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