What Are the Essentials You Need for Inground Swimming


Whether you are installing a new pool or already own one, having the right equipment is a must-have to maintain it in a good condition. Without the proper tools, inground swimming pools in Atlanta, GA, will not survive for long. Here’s the list of tools that you will need:

Water Test Strips

To prevent the formation of bacteria and algae, you need to have water test strips for your pool. Use them at least once a week to see if you need any chemicals. They aren’t as accurate but are an easy and quick solution to keep track of basic levels of chemicals.

You just have to simply dip these into the pool for a few seconds, and then compare the color to the chart that comes with the product. In addition to doing it yourself, it is also a good practice to hire professional swimming pool contractors in Atlanta once in a while for expert services.

Algae Brush

The formation of algae is very common for pools, so you need to have the right equipment to tackle this problem. The first thing you should do when it is formed is to scrub it off from the surface. The brush has steel brushes that help to break down the algae from the surface, no matter how stubborn the stain is. Furthermore, keep in mind if you have a concrete or gunite pool, only then use a steel brush. Otherwise, use a nylon pool brush.

Also, doing it yourself, may still not get rid of algae completely, so it is recommended to hire experts like Sandal Luxury Pools for maintenance services at least once a month.

Skimmer & Vacuum

Keep a telescope pole and net for your pools at all times. It helps in removing the debris from the pool. Now, manually doing this may not completely remove the debris, so you may need to buy an automatic pool cleaner. Also, you need to take care of the stains and sediment if you want to keep the pool water clean. For that, you will need to vacuum your pool at least once a week.

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Filter Cleaner

The most important part of the pool is no doubt the filter. But despite the regular clean-up, it gets dirt build-up. So you need to have filter cleaners in your tool kit to avoid the accumulation of dirt. If you do this regularly, your pool will continue to work efficiently. Now, the cleaning schedule also depends upon the usage of the pool. If it is used often, you might need to clean more frequently.

As filters are an important part of the pool, make sure you get professional services from your swimming pool contractors in Atlanta, GA, at least once a month to ensure it is functioning the way it is supposed to.

aNothing is more fun than having a pool in your backyard. But it also comes with responsibility. You need to have the right tools with you to clean them and ensure your inground pools in Georgia stay in good condition.

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