What Are the Best Physical Therapy Exercises for Shoulder Surgery?


Have you had recent shoulder surgery? Then you must be having more pain than you had before the surgery. It would take time for your body to heal totally after it underwent surgery.

With the guidance of a good physical therapist and their instructions, you can recover from the strained muscles and feel strong yet again. Here, you will learn the best physical therapy for shoulder surgery.

How Does Physical Therapy Help After a Shoulder Surgery?

Did you know your shoulders need various types of physiotherapy exercises to regain strength after surgery? The kind of exercise depends on the type of surgery performed on an area of your shoulder.

For instance, strengthening physical activities always helps you get back the strength and power in the shoulders. You can easily lift heavy items and perform everyday tasks easily. A variety of motion physical exercises helps you determine how wide or far your shoulders can move and continue lingering to prevent strain on your shoulders.

Endurance exercises can be the best physical therapy after surgery as they help you boost your overall health and perform all activities and movements without feeling tired. Such exercises also help you understand how rapidly your shoulders can adapt to the pain and recover from the same.

Note: Before adding a new exercise to your post-shoulder surgery recovery, you should consult a highly experienced physical therapist or doctor.

Find out below some of the best physical exercises after shoulder surgery:

Assisted Shoulder Elevation

You can perform this exercise by lying down or by simply sitting. For assisted shoulder elevation, you should cuff your hands together. Then, slowly raise your arms towards your head and straighten them as much as you can.

Hold arms together for approximately 20 seconds and then slowly lower them back in resting posture.

Rotator Cuff Strength

Position your arms a little behind your back and grasp your hands together in a standing posture.

Stretch out your arms as much as possible. When both your arms are behind, lift them slowly and downward to add a level of pressure on your shoulders.

Reaching Exercises

Reaching exercises always work as the easiest and best physical therapy for shoulder surgery. Raise and straighten your arms forward as much as possible in a sitting position. Then, move every arm alternately forward as if you are trying to reach for anything.

To do this exercise in a better way, keep on adding an extra level of pressure.

Shoulder Abduction

Position a small cushion in between a little bit under the armpit and side of your chest. Squeeze the pillow slowly and attempt to reduce the gap between the side of your chest and elbow. Hold the pillow in this position for ten seconds.

Release the pressure slowly to relax your arms and do it again ten more times.

Internal Rotation

Lie down, putting pressure on the operated shoulder. Bend your elbow on that side to a right angle. Lift a lightweight or dumbbell slowly with the same arm and then bring it back to the same position.

Repeat this activity and do the same with an alternate shoulder if you can.

So, these are some of the most effective physical exercises after shoulder surgery. A physiotherapist can always suggest the best physical therapy after surgery. Consult one immediately for a rapid recovery from shoulder surgery.




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