What are reading glasses and who should use them?

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You might have seen your grandma and grandpa wearing glasses. not 24 x 7 but only when they are reading the newspaper, checking their smartphones, knitting, stitching etc.

These are exa
ctly called the Reading glasses.They are helpful for users in correcting the vision disorder whereby they are unable to see the objects that are nearer to them or placed at less than the distance of arm’s length.

Reading glasses are effective in solving the problem of farsightedness and presbyopia. Farsightedness is the condition of the eyes wherein the individual can clearly see the objects placed at far off distance, however, the objects nearby appear blurry. Farsightedness is not common in young children and adults.

It is caused because of refractive errors of the vision. On the other hand, presbyopia is majorly associated with the age factor. Generally, when people attain the 40s, they become prone to develop presbyopia. This is because the natural lens of the eyes becomes weak and loses flexibility.  Hence, the objects appear hazy, blurry or double to the eyes.

Reading glasses are the solution

Reading glasses are also known as the reader glasses or simply readers. They consist of a convex lens in them that is able to bend the light rays while entering the eyes. Due to this clear image is made on the retina and the user of prescription glasses frames is able to view the objects kept nearby very clearly.

Reader glasses are easily available on the eyewear stores. They are in fact also famous by the name of over the counter readers. These readers are readily available in the market and the user can choose the one that makes them see the world clear at a close-by distance, provided they have undergone an eye test.

Can I opt for blue light blocking glasses along with my reading glasses?

Yes, you can surely buy blue light blocking glasses with your prescription glasses.  Actually, blue light blocking is a protective coating applied on the surface of the lens that blocks the blue light from entering the eyes. 

Thereby, the eyes are saved from the harmful effect of digital eye strain, digital migraine, retinal damage, tired and weak eyes etc.  It is highly recommended that when you buy eyeglasses, opt for blue light blocking coating in them. When you buy
reader glasses,  ask your optometrist for the blue light blocking lenses.

The combination of reader glasses with blue light blocking is excellent for computer use. You must wear these glasses frames whenever you are using digital devices like computer, laptop etc. to save your eyes from the harmful effect of blue light.

Can I buy reader glasses having blue light blocking glasses online?

You can buy reader glasses with the anti-blue light blocking coating from Specscart, who manufactures affordable glasses with the highest standard of quality.  In fact, the blue light blocking glasses from Specscart are manufactured using the latest blue cut technology that is able to block 99.99% of the harmful blue light rays from entering the eyes. 

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At the same time, it offers 30% enhanced vision clarity.  When you buy readers from Specscart, you get to select
glasses frames from an unmatched collection of latest, trendy, and classic frames.

Hundreds of eyeglass frames are available at Specscart’s store and at the website in various shapes, size, colours, designs and style. Cat eyes, aviator, round, oval, rectangular, dual-tone, tortoise shell or any other latest design that you can think of is readily available at Specscart. 

While selecting online, it is suggested to upload your latest prescription too and choose the type of lenses as blue but before placing the order.

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So whenever you, your mother, or any elderly in your family and friends require reading glasses, we recommend you check out Specscart for its facilities like eye test at home, try at home glasses, and express delivery within 24 hours dispatch. Moreover, you can avail the current discount along with free of cost anti-UV and anti-glare coating on all eyeglasses.


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