Ways You’re Ruining Your Clothes


Our clothes keep us comfortable every day, but we give them a real beating when we wear them. Think about it– we sweat, stretch them, and perhaps do unintentional ways to ruin them. Even if we take care of our clothes, we do not realize that as we are caring for them, we are actually ruining them. 

You may not be aware, but you are doing small things every day to ruin your clothes. So, what are the ways you’re ruining your clothes? How can you take extra good care of them when you are doing laundry?

Not Sorting Laundry By Soil Level

Do you leave your clothes in one laundry basket? Or do you sort them by color, but you did not consider the soil level? Soil level refers to the dirtiness of your clothes.

You should wash heavily soiled clothes separately from the lighter ones. For example, laundry your workout clothes or gardening clothes separately from your work or casual clothes. It prevents dirt or grease from spreading to your clean clothes. So, as you separate your clothes by color, you need to have another laundry basket to sort the dirtier clothes. 

You Use Harsh Detergent

Sometimes, we quickly trust detergents that we see on television ads. We do not bother about their ingredients. Little do we know, these detergents and fabric softeners are breaking down the fibers of our clothes. Use the right kind of liquid detergent to clean your clothes thoroughly without ruining them.

Make sure to measure the detergent. Do not estimate it with your eyes. If you add too much detergent, the water will become too sudsy, creating a cushion to the clothes and preventing them from rubbing. Without rubbing or friction, it could not remove stains and grimes. Worse, there could be excess detergents in areas that can’t be rinsed clean.

Fabric Conditioner on Athleisure Clothes

We love the fragrance and softness of our clothes when we use fabric conditioner. But, not all types of fabric goes well with it. Athleisure clothes are damaged by it.

Do you notice the “anti-moisture” fabric used on our workout clothes? It is a special fabric that keeps us cool and dry from sweat. If you wash them with fabric conditioner, it will leave behind a film that sticks to the fabric, locking sweat and bacteria. Do you notice a lingering odor on your workout clothes after washing them with conditioner? That’s what happens, you are ruining clothes by canceling out its “anti-moisture” property.

You Do Not Understand Laundry Symbols

It is essential to check the clothing tags before washing them. It tells you how you could wash your clothes properly. Take time to get to know the laundry symbols and codes. 

I may not have mentioned some ways, but these are the most common ways you’re ruining your clothes. If you have no time to laundry your clothes, and you rely on laundry services, make sure they are reliable and would truly take care of your clothes.


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