VoIP Service Providers Generate Revenues with IP PBX Solutions


There may be a recession worldwide in most industries but VoIP is experiencing a boom. VoIP services value will be worth over $ 93200 million by 2024 according to Market Insights Report. Now is the time for VoIP services to introduce additional revenue streams. Hosted Multi-tenant IP PBX Solution is one such revenue stream you can add to your portfolio.

Freeswitch or Asterisk?

Asterisk and Freeswitch are the most common platforms, aided by Kamailio and OpenSIPS, for the development of IP PBX solutions. Both have pros and cons but as a VoIP service, what matters is the capability of your hosted multi-tenant IP PBX solution to handle a large number of concurrent calls and offer additional features such as IVR and conferencing. Given your present needs and future expansion, it is advisable to opt for Freeswitch based solutions. However, if your needs are small at the moment then you will find Asterisk just as suitable. Your solution provider should be comfortable working on any platform.


Modularize it

If you plan to offer IP PBX as a Service with the help of a multi-tenant hosted IP PBX then you should be looking at a customizable solution with modular options. For example, for small offices or on-premise solutions, the software may not include options to grant or deny permissions to various features like:

  • IVR
  • Conferencing
  • WebRTC
  • SMS/voice broadcast
  • Unified communications
  • Facility to connect PSTN, IP Phones and softphones
  • Virtual numbers, extensions, faxing and toll-free options

Value addition is in being able to offer modular components at extra cost. Some of your smaller clients may be happy with just the plain vanilla features. Larger enterprises with multi-location operations may need a multi-tenant IPPBX that you can offer as a full-featured and customizable option. As you go along you will have resellers joining you each one will be a sub-tenant with a further chain of sub-tenants. You should be able to grant access and so should your resellers.

The US alone has over 2.7 million small and medium enterprises and 2.9 million home office businesses. You are looking at a promising market and the right time to enter the market is now with custom multi-tenant hosted IP PBX. Only 48% of business lines are VoIP. The small SOHO segment accounts for only 13% of VOIP usage, pointing to greater growth opportunities.

Fully-managed services

Leave it to the experts. There is joy in hosted multi-tenant IP PBX systems to which you simply subscribe and leave software upgrade and maintenance worries to the vendor. Managed services are growing fast and relieve you of the bother of IP PBX maintenance and integration with your Softswitch and network.

A case in point is that of Miratel. They opted for a fully managed multi-tenant solution and received training for their IT personnel, remote fault monitoring service, security, and network surveillance in the package. This way, they could focus more on the business side and less on the technical aspects.

Staying on the ball

You run your VoIP service, focusing on managing customers and that means it is important to stay on the ball. VoIP markets are fluid and customers can switch allegiance. Are you pricing modules and services just right? Do you know what customers think about lacks in service delivery? Are you getting the best network routing for calls? You get answers to these questions through ongoing analytics and reporting of all that is happening. The software you pick should naturally include monitoring and analytics through a single dashboard, letting you fluidly adjust rates for tenants, manage taxes, or fix least-cost routes on the fly. With smart monitoring, you can keep an eye on traffic, detect any fraudulent activities, and take timely corrective action. You can do this when you have a well-managed backend with a front end control panel. Bill customers, receive payments, and address customer issues seamlessly.

Today’s customers need more than a simple phone system. They need unified communication. The IP PBX solution is a perfect fit. By opting for hosted solutions customers can get started right away, shift addresses without disruption in communications and keep in touch with customers through diverse channels. Choose the right provider and let them take care of integrating IPPBX into your network. You are good to go.

Incidentally, while you can offer IPPBX as a Service, the same solution comes in handy for your internal communications and to serve your customers. You get a double benefit: a revenue-generating tool in your portfolio and a communication platform for your company at no great investment except for signing up for the service.

You could pick specialists in IP PBX solution development but look for developers who can integrate channels of communication and AI into your multi-tenant IP PBX. You will find it extremely useful.


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