Jabari Shelton is the founder of this brand and he was born in 1991 in Harlem which the city of New York. He was a streetwear designer and better known as ASAP Barri. And also a co-founding member of New York hip hop collective ASAP mob. He was also co-founder of lab VLONE. Vlone has variety of products like has the hoodies, pants, shirts and jackets. All these accessories are available on cheap price. The ‘V’ logo also prints on the front and back of shirts hoodies and on other products of this brand. Also, the ‘V’ can be written in different style and in different colour which is depending on the colour of the fabrics. The word Vlone means live alone.

The Vlone resemble to this sentence’ we come alone and die alone. So no matter how many friends or family members you have. The ‘friend’ also has great significance and inspiration. The minus’-‘sign also print with the word friend which makes this more delightful and parity. We can just say minus food minus heath and minus money. And zero indicates zero friends zero health and zero food.

About Vlone products.

The product or the accessories of Vlone brand so good and reliable. All these products are made with such good material. The fabric use to make Vlone hoodies Vlone jackets and shirts are mostly cotton or other suitable fabric. These accessories are most popular in young generation also for babies. The ‘V’ Logo also attached in different style which is depend upon the colour of the fabrics. For example, the colour of fabrics is black so the Vlogo print in white or in red colours. The Vlone brand offers such a number of stuff according to weather conditions. All the product of Vlone has the eminent design.

Vlone Hoodie;

Vlone never fails to satisfy our fan by this actual standard. It does not matter the product is a hoodie or another one. Vlone hoodie available in best size and in best fitting and a remarkable rang. The Vlone hoodie made up with cotton and flees mixture. There is nothing oversize and heavy. The air passes through the hoodies which make it more comfortable. The fabrics use to make hoodies are different by weather. It totally depends on the weather and also in your choice. The hoodies used in winter protects to cold weather. And also it warms your body. The long sleeve and T-shirts are attached with hoodies. The Vlone hoodies stock is ready to sale. If you are interested then visit our Vlone merch.

How to Buy Vlone Accessories;

Mostly this question arises in the customer mind. But it is much easy to buy products of Vlone by browsing over the internet. All the accessories are here on our Vlone merch. You can pay bill by a different methods such as by American card and via credit card. The people have much trust over Vlonne merch because this merch provides the best products. There is no compromise on the quality and colour of products.


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