Video Editor tools for music artists


Video editing can be a long, tiring and complicated process. But today, recording and editing a short video with your Smartphone has become as easy as taking a selfie. A growing number of apps offer royalty-free music. So that their users can create perfect lip-sync videos and upload them. These available apps helps you to become part of a community that consistently create short, entertaining music videos that will make you dance and groove to your favorite songs.   

If you also want to become and join the thriving community and don’t know which app to be used. We have got the solution for you. And we bet you’ve landed to the right place. We will introduce some of the best apps for making music videos on iOS and Android smartphones: 

1. TikTok:  

A while ago TikTok and merged into a single app which led us all to create lip-sync videos effortlessly. Tiktok gives access to a sizeable music library where you can find music from Pop, Rock or R&B genres. Browse through the internet select the song of your choice and hit the record button. It also comes with video editing features that include easy-to-use cut and trim tools, detect duplicate video, and give a merge option to complete creative control over the video you have recorded. 

Artists and enthusiasts make videos on Tiktok and upload it on YouTube as well. Click here to learn how to edit YouTube videos for free.  

 2. Video FX Music Video Maker: 

Making lip-sync videos with this app is very easy. You must use your own music because it doesn’t offer royalty free music library. You can use an MP3 file or record your own voice to produce the soundtrack for the video. Video FX Music Video Maker app offers advanced video recording options. It allows you to stop, pause and resume shooting at any moment you want and start timer option to prepare yourself for the next recording when it starts. The newly added Stop Motion feature to the Video FX Music Video maker enables you to animate your music videos. Where in the Fast Motion recording mode allows you to speed up movement in the video.

3. Triller: 

With Triller you can dance, sing or act goofy in your music videos. Triller edits your videos automatically. If you want, you can use some tools embedded in Triller that help you remove, trim or cut the portion you don’t like. You can do your recordings for 30 seconds straight.

4. Video Star:

You can learn how to make music videos with Video Star in like no time. You can learn it even if you have never recorded or edited any video before. All you need to do is just select a song from your music collection and start shooting. It gives you a leverage to record your videos wherever you feel like at any point in time. A useful tip for Music artists – avoid making videos in dimmed rooms on Video Star since the lack of light might drastically decrease the quality of your video footage. Once done. Recheck the quality and then upload it on the respective channel or platform.

5. MuStar: 

MuStar is a Lipsync Musically Video Editor platform that enables music video creators to battle with other video creators who participate in dance contests. MuStar contains a pool of thousands of songs and movie excerpts which a creator can choose and pick a song of your choice. Since it is a lipsync music video maker, you can pick the song and embed it to your created videos.   

Choosing a video maker app is much easier if you know what type of videos you are producing and for what purposes. For making short music videos, lip-syncing feature depends on the size of the videos you are producing. Video size also plays a large role in your decision. While video editing tools should be your priority when you decide to make music videos for others, plan to create vlogs around it and circulate it among the like-minded community. If you have already produced a song and are looking to publish it, Submit your music for free here.  


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