Various Causes Of Angular Cheilitis


If you have experienced bleeding, redness, itchiness or have cracks around the corners of your mouth, then the chances are that you might be suffering from angular cheilitis. Angular Cheilitis is basically a fungal or yeast infection around the corners of your mouth. It is mostly likely to happen if the corners of your mouth have lots of moisture. This is because of the accumulation of saliva around the corner as it provides the breeding ground for the fungus to grow. It might not seem a big of a problem, but the truth is that it is quite painful. They should be treated as soon as possible so that the condition is not worsened. Ketomac anti fungal cream angular cheilit is the best solution to this problem as it provides you with the instant relief. Angular Cheilitis could be a result of different causes and one must be fully aware of these causes in order to take proper precautions. These includes:


  • Braces: People wearing bracing are most prone to experiencing angular cheilitis. This is because of accumulation of saliva. In order to overcome this, the person wearing braces must take care of proper care of oral hygiene to fight better against it.
  • Deficiency Of Vitamins: Deficiency of certain vitamins such as vitamin B, Zinc and iron etc. can cause the Angular Cheilitis. An intaking diet enriched with these vitamins can solve the problem of angular Cheilitis.
  • Sensitive Skin: People who have sensitive skin are more likely to suffer from Angular Cheilitis. It causes the skin to bleed, itch etc. Ketomac Angular Cheilitis anti-fungal cream can help solve this problem.
  • Habitual licking of the lip: Habitual licking of lip can alleviate the issue of this infection. It causes the saliva accumulate around the corners which makes the situation more bad. To avoid this, one must stop licking of lips.
  • Smoking: Smoking is harmful for overall health and it is not surprising that it is also one of the many cause of angular cheiltis. One must avoid smoking as much as possible.
  • Thumb Sucking: Thumb sucking is very common in young children and it causes bleeding and redness around the corner of mouth.
  • Diabetic: People suffering from Diabetes are very prone to this infection. Diabetic conditions make the condition more worsen as extra glucose is the breeding ground for fungal infection.
  • Crooked Teeth: If your teeth are crooked, chances are you may encounter angular chelities. This is because your bite line is not proper which leads to accumulation of saliva and thus causing the infection. However this situation can be rectified by using ketomacanti fungal cream around the infected area. You will get the desired results.
  • Other causes: People suffering from other serious illness such as cancer, down syndrome are at a high risk of countering this disease.


Angular chelitis if not taken care of can cause extreme discomfort to the one suffering. It is extremely painful, so therefore, it is advisable to cure it as soon as possible. For Angular Chelitis treatment, anti fungal cream is the best possible way . It provides you with instant relief from the fungal infection. So choose it today.


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