Upcoming New Cars of 2022


The coming years are sure to be exciting. We’re experiencing an electric vehicle assault and are witnessing an explosion of electric pickup trucks. We’re also seeing more supercar and hypercar launches than ever before. This trend is likely to continue as we anticipate the next four years, sharing the majority of the cars that we anticipate to debut in the near future, and possibly the year of 2026.

Our list of future vehicles is Viral Technologies broken down into three categories that include: SUVs, Cars and Trucks. Each section is filled with dozens of brand new vehicles we anticipate to be available in 2026, based upon the information we’ve seen and reported through spy images or teasers from the beginning.

How Much Will It Cost: $177,400 When Will We Be able to See It: Mid 2021

Even though production has stopped in part due to the current pandemic, Lucid promises that its new Air electric sedan will go on sale in the coming year. The base model is priced with a price of $77,000 (before the tax credit) and come with the equivalent of 406 miles and the power of 480 horsepower. There will be more versions available of Lucid Air will follow, with a range-topping Dream Edition expected soon after with a asking price of $169,000 and improved power and range.

2022 Future Cars

2022 Aston Martin Vanquish

How Much Will It Cost?$450,000 (est.)
When Will It be Available:Late 2021

Aston Martin has New Cars a slew of new vehicles that are in development. The first of the product of the new line-up includes the DBX SUV, which is followed by a supercar that is high-end, named the Valkyrie following this, we’ll get the new Vanquish. Although it will be sporting an old name the 2022 Vanquish will be all-new, mid-engined, and come with an automatic transmission. Aston Martin hasn’t provided any price information yet however we expect the 2022 Vanquish to cost about $450,000 when it’s launched.

2022 Cadillac Escala

How Much Will it Cost?$200,000 (est.)
The Date It Will be In Use:Early 2022

Cadillac is planning to make its lineup a bit more luxurious with the introduction of its Escala automobile, which should begin production in 2021. Based on the concept that we saw back in 2016, early reports suggested that the Escala could be built on the current CT6 platform. However, instead, we know the Escala will be entirely electric. Utilizing the same platform that is used in the Lyriq, the top-end EV could cost more than $200,000 when it’s finished.

2022 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

How Much Will it Cost?$75,000 (est.)
What Time Will It be Available:Mid 2021

It’s just a matter of the time before Chevrolet will announce the brand new Corvette Z06. Our hope (based on earlier reports) is that this new Z06 will be available in 2021, around the middle. When it is launched, the new ‘Vette variant could come with a flat-plane crank DOHC V8 engine that can rev up to 9,000 RPM, and generate 625 horsepower. A more powerful ZR1 and even an electrified Corvette are also possible later on.

2022 Honda Civic / Type R

How Much Will It Cost What is the cost? $22,000 (est.) or $38,000 (est. )
When will we see it: Early 2021 / Late 2021

Images leaked online recently of what appears to be the brand-new 2022 Honda Civic in the metal. The images show the new look of the compact car and some additional information out back, most of the new design elements are derived from the eye-searing orange prototype that we first saw in November. Based on leaks of CARB emissions filings We know that both 1.5- as well as 2.0-liter engines will continue to be available. The production version of the Civic should debut sometime in the coming months, with the Si as well as Type R models following later this year.

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Latest Cars

What is the cost: $40,000 (est. )
When Will We See It? Mid 2021

Hyundai introduced the striking Ioniq 5 EV just some weeks ago. It features a stylish design and  an impressive, spacious cabin, the Ioniq 5 is the first in what the company claims will be a complete line of angular EVs with the same Ioniq brand. Its Ioniq 5 comes with 168 horsepower as a base model, however it can be upgraded to the 232 horsepower of its range-topping spec. Hyundai estimates range at 298 miles per charge.


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