Universities Culture


The Islamic Republic acclaimed country is day by day, approaching to new heights of success. Though, be it from any means then. As, the country we live in has recorded its highest exports amount of denim jackets in this year 2021. A girl from capital city, of the country has gained the first position in her ACCA exams. What not?

Thesis Writers in Pakistan, have proudly recognized the fact that undoubtedly the country has progressed and transformed itself in uncountable ways. Though, then it be the taste buds of its residents. Cuisines such as Chinese, Italian and even Japanese have pretty much entertained the market of the country, resulting in many cuisine based restaurants in the big cities of the country.

Moving towards the topic that attracts lots of heads, and that is the Culture of Universities in the country. University just like any other educational institution is an academic boundary that serves the academic levels of bachelors, Masters, M.Phil. And Ph.D. level studies. Nonetheless, the transformation in the lifestyle, and living standards of the residents have from a par modernized the cultures of universities as well.

This, calls about the inducement of the ‘Extra-curricular irrelevant activities’ in the regime of Universities. Not from any side, promoting the removal of ‘Extra-curricular activities’; as they are at the same time important for personal growth of a student. However, ‘irrelevancy’ and amalgamation of such terms of dilemmas that do not match with one another is not justified.

Celebration of days including Rose Day, Proposal Day, Friendship Day, Dance Night, Prom Night and so on dealing with the same nature are yet another means of wasting the time , dedication and most importantly the learnings of students in the wrong place.

Again, Enjoyment is as much vital as Learning is. However, the means of enjoyment that these universities have pretty much assumed is actually not what the Islamic Republic country is all about.

By the celebration and participation of students in these events, the results take shape of Shameful activities within the premises of Universities that makes the overall culture of the education institute dirty and hard to stand by.

Likewise, in exchange of these events from the name of ‘Culture day’, and ‘Eid Parties’, Students themselves make fun of these festivities and their importance. Which again results in the concludment of shameful acts by the students’ side.

All and all, these activities in the long run not only ruin the personalities and mentalities of students. But also hurt the image of universities in the country and over the globe as well. As, foreign exchange program students do not particularly get the same good view about these cultures as of yet.

Thereby, from the medium of this piece of information, it is requested from administration of universities to consider these faulty behaviors and fix the loop holes. Thus, to protect the younger generation and their minds from getting ruined. Likewise, it is also advisable for university going students to stay in their premises limits and respect the value of the place that they are going to study.



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