Unified Communications The New Normal For Businesses of All Sizes


It is a general assumption that only large businesses need sophisticated communication systems in place such as IP PBX with unified communication solution built in or layered on with the help of UC development services. However, today, even an individual professional and small home based business owner should take a serious look at UC.

Customers dictate, business must follow

Customers have more options to communicate:

  • Phone

  • Texting

  • Email

  • Fax

  • Voicemail

  • Whatsapp

  • Video chat

  • Social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Behavioral change

There has been a behavioral change in how people see and understand communications. Business communication would have dictated the use of phone or SMS or fax or email. Customers know no such boundaries. For them, whatever is available or easy to do is best. The cell phone generation seeks convenience and cannot be expected to follow old norms. Therefore, businesses must adapt with a changed communication behavior. Unified communication solution ticks all the right boxes and helps you dance to the customer’s communication tune. It is worth it when you consider that UC will be worth over $ 167 billion by 2025 with a consistent growth rate of 8%. Mobile phones account for 44% of IP traffic and it is no surprise that people prefer mobile based communications, which includes text message, voicemail and social media.

UC for all businesses

In-house unified communication solution can become expensive and restricts its use to larger enterprises. Today, UC is more democratized through cloud based UcaaS. Even startups and individual businessmen can subscribe and enjoy the benefit of single dashboard control and management of all channels. You know immediately and you can respond through that channel. Even better, all such diverse communications are consolidated into a single record for each client. It is easy to keep track and deliver better services through the channel of choice of each customer. Of course, larger businesses might find a custom solution by UC Development Services better suited to their way of working.

It is not just reactive service

UC gives the impression that you can easily monitor communications on any channel and sync them effortlessly. However, there is more to it than just being reactive. The same console that ties together all channel also makes it an ideal gateway for outreach. Conduct campaigns and surveys with effortless ease through multiple channels. If they are there, why not use them. The same message you send out on Whatsapp reflects in your Facebook post and on Twitter. It goes into text message and into email if you like.

The result:

  • Your message is viewed/read/noticed and responded to

  • It may be shared with others on social media

  • You get immediate feedback and other customers also know about it when such opinions get voiced on social media channels.

  • Generate leads and sell more.

How an individual business owner can use UC to sell

A sculptor would routinely create an item and post it on Facebook and wait for inquiries. He does manage to sell. Switching to UC solution reduced his sales efforts and multiplied chances of sale, while conveying a more professional business image. As usual he posts on Facebook and then does the same thing on Instagram and then tweets to everyone about the new creation. Should there be a response, he switches prospective customer to Whatsapp chat, follows it up with email and finalizes the deal confidentially.

There is no reason why larger businesses cannot do the same for marketing and lead generation with the help of unified communication solution.

Distributed working, unified data

There is an even stronger case for unified communication considering the current distributed way of working. Not all employees can gather in one office due to restrictions imposed by Covid 19. Here too, your UC solution becomes a tool for customer interaction and employee collaboration. The same dashboard can be shared between remotely located employees when attending to customers and they may engage in private chat while attending a customer’s call or taking care of a Facebook post or email. If employees had to use their mobiles then data is distributed and difficult to collate whereas the UC gives unified access and unifies data.

Cena Corporation opted for custom UC by engaging UC Development Services to incorporate WebRTC into the mix. This has become the mainstay for their remote worker operations for collaboration and for customer services. Employees can conference and converse with customers while exchanging data securely. 69% of phone conferencing are not CRM integrated whereas UC not only unifies front end but also the back end CRM.

Unified communication is something you simply cannot do without. RingCentral finds that executives working in environments where there is no unified communications can toggle between 10 apps in an hour. It can be stressful for employees, to say the least. Unified Communication unifies not only communications but also employees since they no longer have to jump through the hoops to keep in step with customers.


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