Types Of Cakes To Choose From For The Next Birthday Party


No one can say that a birthday party is complete if there is no cake!!

Cakes and birthdays are inseparable, and that’s a universal truth. If you are planning to have a birthday blast with your dear ones, we have some cake ideas for you. And no matter where you reside, you can easily get these birthday cakes online. So, before you visit your nearest bakery shop and book a cake, have a read below. 

Break Into The Party Vibes With Pinata Cakes

The pinata cakes went viral on a whole new level last year, thanks to social media! And the braking-surprise element of the cake has made it one of the premium choices for celebrations. It is a combination of a well-baked cake and a hardened and flavoured edible sugar covering. One has to break the hard sugar covering to discover the cake hiding inside. Most of the bakeries provide a wooden hammer to break the covering with ease and in style. The Pinata cake is such a go-to option for trying something new at the next birthday party.

Uncover Happiness Through Pull Me Up Cakes

Pinata is not the only cake type that social media helped in garnering attention from the masses. There is another contender that got the limelight too, and it is known as ‘Pull Me Up Cake’. And the name is exactly what the cakes ask you to do before you gallop and feel the deliciousness. There are so many designs of Pull Me Up cake because it provides that extra freedom of creativity to the balers. The cake is covered with a plastic covering double the height of the cake, and liquid ganache is poured on top. Before cutting the cake, you need to pull up the plastic covering that will lead to a dripping down process of liquid ganache, and the cake will have a new look. 

Pump It Like Party Animals Over A Party Cake

Every birthday party is different from the other, but the element of cake is a constant thing. Everyone who attends a birthday party waits for the cake cutting ceremony and then for galloping the delicacy. So, when everyone is enjoying the party, why not go for a party cake? Well, a party cake is a multi-tier cake that serves a large number of people. Provide the baker with some interesting insight into the party theme, and you will see the magic in the cake. A party cake can also be non-multi-tier but will surely be big in size and weight.  

Half Birthday Celebration With Half Birthday Cake

Another high of the world today is the fun of celebrating six-month anniversaries. Mostly, new couples celebrate the completion of every six months of their relationship. This concept gives you an opportunity to celebrate your birthday twice a year by having a celebration after every six months. So, instead of calling it a birthday, you can call it half birthday. And a half birthday celebration deserves a special half birthday cake. As the name suggests, a half birthday cake is a semi-sphere cake but placed on a full-size cake plate. Half birthday cakes are the best choice for celebrating the first six-month birthday anniversary of a newborn child. 

Not A Cake, But Cupcakes

At birthday parties, it happens too often that not everyone gets an equal amount of birthday cake to eat. Well, no one says anything in such situations, but it is the duty of the person organizing the party that such predicaments don’t happen. So, if you are planning a birthday party, we have a perfect solution for you. Instead of a big cake, get cupcakes for everyone. Count the number of invitees and order at least two cupcakes for everyone. And instead of cutting a cake to kickstart the celebrations, the birthday person can pick up a cupcake and gallop it in one go. 

Whichever cake type you pick, it is better to opt for online cake delivery in Chennai or any place where you want the cake because transporting a cake from the bakery to the party place isn’t an easy task. Have a memorable birthday bash!


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