Two massage guns hypervolt and theragun


It seemed important to me to conclude this series of articles with a complete comparison of Theragun vs HyperVolt in bodybuilding in order to help you make the right choice according to your expectations. Theragun vs HyperVolt are offered to sports physiotherapists in order to replace , partially or totally, the practice of massages.


HyperVolt percussion massager apparatus, thirty percent more powerful than its predecessor percussion massager HyperVolt. Device for vibratory massage HyperVolt modern GlideĀ°. The device is supplied with five interchangeable heads (plug, bullet, flat, soft and round). Quiet and cordless modern device HyperVolt percussion apparatus massager helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness. Powerful 90 Watt motor, high torque percussion apparatus HyperVolt you’ll be a silent glide. Percussion apparatus Plus series relieves muscle pain and stiffness, improves range of motion. Massage with the help of percussion apparatus HyperVolt improves blood circulation, accelerates warm-up and recovery.

The size of the percussion device HyperVolt is 237 mm x 161 mm x 63.5 mm. the weight of the massager – 1,36 kg. supplied with one rechargeable Li-ion battery voltage of 24 Volts, running about two and a half hours without recharging. Built-in pressure sensor technology, during therapy with the help of percussion apparatus HyperVolt, gives visual feedback throughout the massage process. A pressure sensor is installed, the user can see what resistance he exerts on his massager and on the muscles. The Plus series percussion instrument operates at one of three possible speeds of 30, 40, and 53 beats per minute. HyperVolt is available in matte black, unlike the famous silver color of its predecessor, the Hypervolt massager. The equipment comes with a 1 year warranty and payment of all customs duties.


Theragun handheld vibrating body, the quiet percussion massager produced Theragun. Instant pain relief. Hand-held vibro massager for the body instantly relieve pain, muscle tension and destroy nodes. Use low speed THERAGUNĀ  in particularly sensitive, inflamed areas. Optimize your workout by improving muscle coordination and range of motion. Activate tired muscles and feel energized by the manual of the vibrating body Theragun. Treat muscles after training to speed up recovery. Use ergonomicly multifunctional gripper hand vibrating Theragun shock type myfashionlove for targeted massage in tight areas. Theragun Apps are available in the App Store and Google Play.

Package includes vibrating massager for the body Theragun: apparatus, storage case, charger, 4 nozzles (extinguisher, thumb, ball standard, cone). Theragun manual vibration massager for the body has a 3-element lithium-ion built-in battery, designed for 60 minutes of battery life. The amplitude of the shock action of 16 mm with a force of up to 18 kg, the manual vibration massager for the body Theragun has 2 impact speeds of 29 and 40 beats per second. THERAGUNĀ  is made of high quality plastic composite, has Japanese industrial grade motor. Weight of hand vibrator body Theragun of 1.22 kg . Size 250 x 200 x 70 mm. The equipment comes with a 1 year warranty and payment of all customs duties




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