Travel Essentials for a Winter Vacation in the Snow


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If you are thinking of a winter vacation away, you must be prepared for the cold weather. If you have never been to a cold climate, you will get a shock when you step off the plane at your destination. When planning for a winter vacation, it is important to be prepared. You will need some essential items for the cold weather and this article has listed the most important items that should be in your suitcase.

Winter Boots

When we book a snow holiday, we get excited about hitting the slopes. We get so excited that sometimes we forget to back the essential and we only focus on ski equipment. It is important not to forget comfortable, warm footwear like Apres Boots. Wearing good quality boots means your feet will be warm and protected in the freezing temperatures. When you are hiking through the snow, the last thing you need is a cheap pair of snow boots that let in water and moisture.

Thermal Clothing

Thermal wear is essential when it comes to cold climates. Basically, it is a layer of clothing that goes under your main clothes and it is designed to keep your body warm. There are many advantages to wearing thermal clothing, the most important being it helps to circulate blood around your body and keep your extremities warm.

Snow Accessories

When you plan a winter vacation in the snow, you must bring all the small clothing accessories. You will not survive in freezing cold temperatures without a good quality hat, gloves, scarf, and warm socks. It is your extremities that suffer the most in the cold as blood is directed to more important organs, this is why it is important to keep these areas warm when you reach a cold climate. A beanie hat is always a good option for your head as it is long enough to protect your ears.

Kids Clothes

If you want to stay safe and healthy on your winter holiday, it is important to plan ahead and pack the right type of winter clothing. Packing the right outdoor clothes for kids should be a priority. When bringing children on a winter vacation to a cold climate, safety and prevention starts with clothing. Here are some things to remember when packing for kids:

  • Keep them dry on the outside & warm on the inside.
  • Always wear winter boots, hats, gloves, and scarves.
  • Young kids need one more layer than an adult.

If you are bringing your children onto the slopes, make sure they are taught by a qualified instructor.

Expandable Luggage

A winter vacation requires a different set of clothing in comparison to a summer holiday. You will always need more clothes, so make sure you pack everything in expandable luggage. It also gives you room for new items along the way.

Bringing all the essentials listed above will make your winter vacation more enjoyable. You will be faced with freezing cold temperatures, so it is best to come prepared. It is important to protect your body from the winter cold and keep young kids well wrapped up when they venture outdoors.


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