Top Tips for Increasing Confidence


Having confidence in yourself is important. With confidence, you are more likely to make new friends, achieve your dreams, and steer your mind away from anxious thoughts. Unfortunately, becoming a confident person takes work, especially if your self-esteem is low to start with. So, how do you get started? Whether you want the confidence to wear that killer outfit or to be more assertive at work, here are some top tips for increasing confidence.

Get Your Body into Shape 

Most people feel better when their fitness increases, so consider some lifestyle changes that will slim your waistline and increase your physical strength. You could look up healthy recipes, start an active hobby, or even try intermittent fasting for an easier way to lose weight and stay in shape. When it comes to sticking to an intermittent fasting lifestyle, you have plenty of different options, like the LIFE Intermittent Fasting Tracker, which ensures your meals stay within your eating window. 

Discover (and Wear) a Style that Suits You 

Some people don’t feel confident in their bodies simply because they don’t dress for their shape. No matter what your body looks like, there are certain styles, cuts, and colors that’ll instantly make you look and feel more attractive. If you’re a pear shape, for example, A-Line dresses help balance the body and highlight the waist. 

Talk Kindly to Yourself 

It’s hard to find confidence if you have a negative voice telling you what’s wrong every minute of the day. For both your confidence levels and your mental health, it’s important to talk kindly to yourself, whether it’s about how a conversation went or how you look that day. If you struggle to do this, consider seeking counseling, as there could be an underlying issue affecting your self-esteem. 

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Change Your Posture 

It’s incredible what body language can do for your confidence levels. If you often find yourself hunched over in a social setting, you are more likely to feel shy and anxious. By pulling your shoulders back and holding your head high, however, you’ll experience a boost of confidence, even if that’s only fake confidence at first. Pair it with a smile, and you’ll instantly feel more at ease! 

Speak Up More Often 

The secret to finding the confidence to speak up is to do it more often. It might be challenging at first, but it becomes easier over time. If you struggle to speak up in work meetings, give yourself small goals, such as saying something without prompt in one meeting and then eventually increasing that to lead a full conversation. Before long, you’ll wonder what you were so worried about

Avoid Comparisons 

Comparing yourself to others is one of the worst things you can do in terms of confidence. It doesn’t matter how big someone’s house is or how beautiful someone looks on Instagram – you are your own person, and the only person you should compete with is yourself. By avoiding comparisons and focusing on yourself, you’ll soon find your confidence.


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