Top Stock Broking Companies in India Which Provide Professional Services To The Clients

discount brokerage India

The stockbroking companies act as intermediaries in the process of investment and help the individual investors as well as corporate bodies to make highly profitable investments. They provide all the necessary support as well as guidance all the time to the investors. They are known for providing the best kind of services like assistance at the time of buying and selling securities, portfolio management services and various other services. The stockbrokers in India are broadly divided into two categories which are full-time service brokers and the discount brokers.

The discount brokerage India is a very popular concept and some of the Companies which provide such services are mentioned as follows:

  • Sharekhan: This is one of the prestigious and oldest broking firms in India which provides highly professional services to all its clients. The firm is known for its element of efficiency in the services like creation of a portfolio of investments and advisory services. The company also has both offline as well as online platforms which cover major cities and towns of India. The Brokerage charged by the company ranges from 0.1% to 0.15%.
  • ICICI: This is a subsidiary of ICICI bank and has a presence in almost all the cities of India. This is well known for providing services with a high level of professionalism to all the clients. The brokerage company also provides the facility to open three in one account and also provides various other services like personalized advisory services to the clients. The brokerage rates charged by this company range from 0.5% to 0.75%.
  • HDFC securities: this is a subsidiary of HDFC bank and is very well known for providing best quality services to the individuals. It enables opening of a four in one trading account and the investors can use both online and mobile-based applications for getting necessary information and reports which will help them to make most informed decisions. The clients are highly satisfied with the services of this company which is the main reason behind its popularity.
  • Wisdom capital: this is most famous and most trusted stockbroker in India which provides advisory as well as support-based services to all the investors. This company is well known for providing all types of investment-related services. The company also provides both yearly as well as monthly plans under which the individuals can pay in a lump sum and there is no need for advance payment. Also, the services which are provided by this company are highly reliable and popular among the investors.
  • India infoline: This is another leading discount brokerage firm in India which provides professional services to the clients. The individuals receive timely information from this so that they can make highly profitable investments. The individual can choose from different plans provided by this company depending upon their own needs and requirements.

 All the above-mentioned companies have revolutionized the investment business hsslive in some or the other way. The stock market investments have grown at a significant pace with the help of all these companies.


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