Top places to visit at Mahabaleshwar 


If you are eager to visit a hill station, then it definitely has to be Mahabaleshwar. It was once the country’s summer capital for the British during pre-independence time. Besides being a summer destination, there is much more to this place. It is located at a distance of 280 km from Mumbai and 120 km from Pune. You can plan your visit at any time of the year. The city is within the forested and scenic Western Ghats and features numerous elevated viewing points. You can book your villa in mahabaleshwar and have a great tour. 

Some popular destinations to check out

  • Elphinstone Point: Dr. Murray had discovered this point in 1830 and it is regarded to be Mahabaleshwar’s highest point. The name of the viewpoint is derived from the then Bombay Governor, Mt. Stuart Elphinstone. You can get a panoramic view from the cliff of the nearby plains, Koyna Valley, and Pratapgad Fort. Amid Arthur’s Seat Point and Elphinstone Point has located a gorge. This place is considered to be the starting point for River Savitri. Locals and tourists come here to enjoy the natural beauty.
  • Pratapgad Fort: This forest fort is among the Maratha Empire and Maharashtra’s prominent fort. Located strategically at about 1,800m, it is enclosed by the dense Javali forest on all its sides and a deep ravine. There is Afzal Khan’s tomb in this fort. This fort is known for its natural beauty. You can reach this fort through Wai-Mahabhaleshwar or Mahad-Poladpur. The journey towards the fort is quite scenic, as you move through lush greenery and irregular streams. The best time to enjoy viewing the fort is in winter as you can experience pleasant weather and clear visibility. You can hire guides who can explain its enthralling history. 
  • Mahabaleshwar Temple: This ancient temple is around 5,000 years old and is located close to Arthur’s Seat. It is known for its ancient architecture and the walls and idols are engraved from solid stone. This temple has been constructed on seven rivers’ source point, namely Saraswati, Bhagirathi, Gayatri, Krishna, Savitri, Koyna and Venna. There are souvenirs and handicraft goods sold at shops near the temple premises. It will take about an hour to complete the temple tour. Try to avoid weekends as the roads will be choked with traffic due to the narrow road. You need to book the best villa in mahabaleshwar in advance to avoid the rush. 
  • Wilson Point: It is also popularly known as the Sunrise Point and also the highest point in Mahabaleshwar at a height of about 4,708 ft. From Mahabaleshwar market, this point is located at a distance of 2 km along Satara Road. It has derived its name after the Bombay Governor, Sir Leslie Wilson. For convenience, there are constructed three masonry platforms on the huge scenic plateau. It offers stunning views of sunset and sunrise. It also provides the city’s ethereal views, due to its height. Wilson Point is best visited during dawn, as you will be able to enjoy the calm, serene place. This place is open throughout the week for tourists. 
  • Mapro Garden: This garden is located on the route to Mahabaleshwar and is a stunning landmark. There is a small nursery, a chocolate factory, children’s play area, restaurant serving tasty food and a retail outlet offering Mapro products at the Mapro campus. Visitors are also offered free strawberries at the garden. During Easter weekend, this garden boasts of hosting Strawberry Festival, participated by over 200 farmers coming from the nearby villages. This 4-day festival witnesses not only farmers introducing their farms, but also attracting domestic and foreign tourists to come here in huge numbers. There are displayed innovative strawberry-based products like strawberry bhel, strawberry pizza, strawberry sandwiches and chocolate-dipped strawberries besides raw strawberries.
  • Arthur’s Seat: It is referred to as mother of all the points present in Mahabaleshwar and also as Suicide Point. From here, you can get to see the captivating and enthralling view of River Savitri and Brahma-Arayana Valleys. It has derived its name after Arthur Malet, considered to have constructed the very first residential place at this very point. It is at a height of 1,470m and perhaps the only place allowing visitors to view the geographical discrepancy that exists between Deccan and Konkan territories. Although located at a distance from the town centre, the point is undoubtedly a popular one well known for its ‘Grand Canyon’ vistas. When journeying towards this point, you will be moving via dense forests. During monsoon season, the mist in the air makes the drive enjoyable as well as unnerving. Choosing the top villa in mahabaleshwar will allow you to explore the interesting parts of the region.
  • Table Land: Located close to Mahabaleshwar, in Panchganj is Table Land, considered to be a unique location. It is also Asia’s 2nd largest mountain plateau at a height of about 1,387m. It is enclosed by hills on all the sides. It is a wonderful treat adventurist as you can enjoy the astonishing views and paragliding sports. You can also get to view the stunning Krishna Valley, Panchganj town, Rajpur Caves and the Devil’s Kitchen. According Hindu mythology, the caves were said to have sheltered the Pandavas during the Mahabharata period. 
  • Kate’s Point: In Mahabaleshwar, it is considered to be the best viewpoint to visit. The vast valley and the dam offer an overwhelming picture. This point is located at the Elephant Head Point’s top part. To get a better view of Elephant Head Point, you need to walk along this valley to your left. Tourists are more attracted to Kate’s Point. From Needle Head Point, you can have a better view of Elephant Head Point having a hill protrusion that appears similar to that of an elephant head with hung down trunk. Public holidays and weekends witness heavy rush throughout the year. 

Whatever be your package, make sure to choose the very best villa in mahabaleshwar for your stay.


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