Top Facts about Train the Trainer Course CNA


Guiding a person to achieve her life goals and career is a noble gesture. Instructors play this crucial role. Instructors direct and guide students to get prepared for their careers. This applies much to the field of CNA or Certified Nursing Assistants.

It is a CNA instructor who plays this role in a CNA’s life after she has completed train the trainer course CNACNAs play a vital role in the health care industry. They are the professionals who function closest to patients. They undergo CNA training, sit for professional exams and devote their life to the care of patients.

CNAs are trained and mentored by CNA instructors. The certified CNA instructors ensure that nursing students gain the proper education prior to getting employed in this industry.

Job Duties

CNA instructors play a valuable role in the community by training students to undertake the job of nursing aides who are in much demand. Typically, they are Registered Nurses who have 2 years of practical experience in the nursing profession, in which at least one year must have been in working in an aged care facility. Apart from this experience, they must have gained certification as CNA instructors by attending a course for Train the Trainer program for CNA instructors.

RN’s or Registered Nurses are the ideal instructors for CNAs. They are well aware of CNAs’ duties and can supervise the work of students as they train to take care of patients.

A CNA instructor must train students to identify warning signs in patients that may lead to typical medical conditions. An instructor may also offer basic first aid training and train students to monitor vital signs like Blood pressure, temperature, and pulse.

Coursework may also involve knowledge of proper methods of moving, lifting, and handling patients.

Part of the job role of CNA instructors is to shape a curriculum for the sake of students on the basis of guidelines identified for needs of certification stipulated by the state in which the student wishes to practice. The instructor may also assign extra duties to students, such as maintaining patient records as well as basic care duties such as ensuring hygiene, cleanliness, and bathing of patients.


Any professional who is licensed as an RN and has 2 years of experience in nursing can qualify to become a CNA instructor. Additionally, they have to undergo Train the Trainer course as stipulated by the Department of Public Health of the specific state. Candidates have to complete a one-week course that spans time periods like 32 hours. The duration of such courses varies as per state. Because CNAs work with aged patients suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s, they have to attend training workshops to hone their skills in teaching CNAs to care for such patients.

Train the Trainer Course

This course’s primary objective is to train participants in instructing CNA students regarding the fundamentals of nursing. In a typical one-week training course, potential instructors will train in planning and chalking out what subject matter to share with students. They will also be trained in teaching skills so that they can help students understand complicated topics in their CNA course. The CNA instructors have to become experts and teach students about legal complications impacting this profession. Additionally, the course will also include learning tricks and methods for evaluating the clinical skills of CNAs.

When a CNA finishes her course, she can be employed by hospitals, aged care centers, or other healthcare centers for helping in taking care of chronically ill and elderly patients. For training CNAs in these basic duties, instructors also need to care for these patients so that they CNA train students properly for such tasks.

In sum, the Train the Trainer Course CNA aids them in understanding principles of teaching as well as how to plan and develop study materials for nurses. They gain expertise to help students grasp concepts easily, conduct evaluations of students, and train them to care for the elderly.


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