Top Caribbean Vacay Destinations – The Beauty Of The Beaches


Despite the fact that they are all part of distinct countries, the word “Caribbean” refers to all the countries and islands that are bathed by the Caribbean Sea. The Caribbean is known for its palm trees, fine ivory sand beaches, and crystal clear water, making it a favorite tourist destination for everyone who enjoys travel and the sea. 

Anyone who wishes to visit such a paradise can plan their getaway and book air canada reservations online and save around 45% off on a round trip. And if you are reading this piece, you are most likely one of the fortunate few who can say they have seen such delights first-hand. But which islands are the most beautiful? The following is a list of the top vacation spots based on the beauty of their beaches and sea beds.

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island nation famed for the Pitons, which are stunning mountains on the island’s western side. Visitors to Saint Lucia can stay at a luxurious resort and spend their days relaxing on stunning volcanic beaches or diving beneath the blue waters to explore coral reefs. Inland, travelers can visit spectacular waterfalls and lush green forest scenery by walking along with one of the wet green rainforest routes.

St Martin

Saint Martin, another island devastated by Hurricane Irma, is currently rebuilding from the events of September 2017. Although rebuilding will likely take years, this hardy small island remains attractive and open for business. Saint Martin, also known as “The Friendly Island,” is made up of two countries: the French Saint-Martin to the north and the Dutch Sint Maarten to the south. However, EU rules allow tourists to travel freely between the two countries.


It is part of the Lesser Antilles, a rough chain of volcanic islands. Martinique, a French overseas territory, is located in the Caribbean. The Atlantic Ocean is on the east coast, and the warm waves of the Caribbean Sea are on the west. Martinique’s picture-perfect palm trees, white-sand beaches, and sunsets are the epitome of a great Caribbean holiday, and guests may engage in activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, jet skiing, and kayaking, to mention a few.

Antigua and Barbuda is a Caribbean country comprised of two main tropical islands and several smaller ones. Antigua and Barbuda are famed for their sandy beaches and sunny weather, but the islands are also famed for the colorful reefs just off the coast and the lush, diversified jungles that cover the islands.


Dominica’s natural beauty astonishes hikers, divers, fisherman, and nature enthusiasts alike. Underwater Dominica is one of the top ten scuba diving locations in the world, with vistas of volcanic craters, colorful fish, and escarpments in submarine chasms. Dominica’s jungles, with natural hot springs and even a volcano boiling lake, are breathtaking on land.

Coolest Things to Do in the Caribbean

Antigua Carnival

The pinnacle of the year, according to the Antiguans, and nowhere greater, bigger, or more gorgeous than here on Antigua. Antigua Carnival commemorates the abolition of slavery. From the end of July until the first Tuesday in August, the event takes place. The ten-day celebration includes a stunning parade, bright costumes, and beauty contests, but most importantly, excellent music.

Betty’s Hope

The island is stunning, but the past is bleak. From 1650, Betty’s Hope was a sugar plantation. For decades, slaves lived and worked in deplorable conditions. Betty’s Hope, a sugar plantation, closed due to plummeting sugar prices around the world. Some slaves were compelled to remain living and working on Betty’s Hope because they lacked the financial resources to do so elsewhere.

Colorful St. Johns

Houses and shops in Antigua’s vibrant city are painted in every color of the rainbow. St. Johns is bustling, quaint, and full of charming boutiques and cafés. Don’t forget to carry some Antigua Black Pineapples with you when you go to the market. Better renowned as the sweetest and tastiest pineapples on the planet.

Go swimming with wild stingrays

There are only a few places in the world where you can swim with wild stingrays. Antigua is one of these places. With a boat, you sail in about 10 minutes to a sandbank just off the coast of Antigua. A group of about 75 stingrays lives here. The females are the largest, males are often half the size. They are wild stingrays so they come and go as they please.

In the Nutshell

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