Top 7 tips on finding the best infertility centre


Infertility can be an overwhelming and troublesome event. The inability or lack of ability to bear children can cause emotional distress. With the advent of modern science, assisted reproductive techniques have proved to be a boon for couples struggling with infertility. However, these techniques are so complex that they require only the expertise of the best.

In this article, we will explore how to find the best centre for fertility treatments. If you are looking at the best infertility centre in Gurgaon, you should visit Birla Fertility & IVF. 


Tips to find the best infertility care 

Infertility is a matter of privacy for most couples. It is necessary to not find a centre with the best services but also the one that can support you at such tough times. Here are some excellent tips on choosing the most suitable infertility care centre. 


  1. Use references: It is understandable that infertility is a confidential matter. You may not want to include a large number of people in such concerns. This is why you should narrow down your references to people who either have similar experience or whom you trust the most. Other people’s reviews can help you better understand your needs. If you do not know anyone with such experience, you can start by asking your primary healthcare provider or your family doctor. If you cannot depend on the word of mouth, you should read about other patient’s reviews that are generally available on a fertility centre’s website. 


  1. Look for the type of services: As you learn more about fertility treatments, you will realise that it is a rather complicated matter. You may need several services from your fertility expert. While choosing your preferred clinic, you should list down the number of services they offer. You would need to do extensive research and notice whether all basic services such as the presence of embryology labs, andrology labs, facilities for sperm donors, diagnostic screening tests and more. Some basic services to look at are IVF, IUI, semen analysis, genetic testing and cryopreservation among others. 


  1. Check Standards of labs: It is not just the number of services but also the quality of services that matter. You should do extensive reading about the standards and success rates of past treatments at a particular centre. Make sure to check that the right protocols and testing measures are being followed by the centre. You can read about the guidelines associated with infertility treatments through the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR). 


  1. Read about the doctors’ profiles: You can ask the hospital for the profiles of doctors associated with them. You can read about the fertility expert’s experience, qualifications and success rates. You can also plan to have a test consultation with your doctor. In a personal discussion, you can ask them about their approach and what facilities will they offer you through the course of treatment. 


  1. Confirm the monetary spends: You should understand that fertility treatments are sometimes extensive. You may need to save and plan your budget accordingly. It is best to discuss the treatment expenditure in advance while deciding the right clinic. While discussing the financial settings, you should ensure that there are no extra hidden expenditures. 


  1. Consider COVID safety measures: You would not want to go to a medical centre only to come back home with coronavirus. Besides basic sanitation, you may need to take into regard how a fertility centre is dealing with COVID 19. Look out for the precautionary measures like screening, sanitising and cleanliness of the facility. 


  1. Check for support services: It is no news that fertility treatments can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. Your healthcare provider should be able to support you and offer you counselling besides the best clinical care. 


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