Top 7 Personal Branding Tips in 2021



In this new era of social media, how you present yourself online is very important. Most of our interactions, either they are professional are personal, are now relied on online communication. Hence the importance of personal branding is now greater than it was ever before.


In this article, you will find seven important tips to help you with your branding. The possibility is that you already have some brand, but these tips will help amp it up.


As we mentioned earlier, maybe you already have some brand established, be it a website or your digital marketing plan or how you interact with your colleagues online. The following seven tips will help you in personal branding yourself in a finer way: 


Revamp your Narrative:


Nowadays, a lot of people are reinventing themselves and breaking into new careers. It is very important to have a good narrative for your brand because your narrative defines you.


A well-built narrative connects all three parts of your life; the past, the present, and the future. A powerful personal brand is ever-evolving.


Keep your Narrative the Same:


You probably have multiple platforms that you work on, and your platforms can be your email, Instagram, Pinterest, or website. You need to keep your narrative the same on all the platforms.


Use the same name on all your social media platforms and also the same logo. Staying consistent in your narrative will help establish your brand and will help you look more professional and premium.


Decide Where you want to Build Trust:


You decide and figure out where you will build trust in your followers. The audience you have will know you for your brand and your product. Whatever you associate yourself with is your narrative, and your audience will know you through that narrative. So, you need to decide what you want your audience to know you with. What will your brand sound and be like? How do you want to be known?


Decide your Role:


There are three roles in the branding process, the creator, connector, and curator, also known as the three C’s. After deciding your narrative and how you want to be known or perceived, you will move forward with these C’s. 


The creator creates the things from scratch with their thoughts and ideas. You are a creator if you create things for your audience by yourself. The curator delivers the information. They help their audience by sharing the information that helps them solve their problems. The connector fills the gap between the audience and a person that can solve their problems. They bring the product or information from the creator to the audience.


Find your Rhythm and be Consistent:


You need to find your rhythm and tempo and be consistent. Do not post on your social media platform just to because you have to to keep your brand alive. Post with something meaningful for your audience. Something that is in touch with your brand but will also give something meaningful to your audience. The key to creating a successful personal brand is consistency. You can be consistent when you find some rhythm related to your narrative. Don’t wait for inspiration or the moment you find something meaningful to post about; what you need is discipline. 


Learn to Write Wondrous Emails:


Written communication is important, and email is used everywhere and for everything, literally. So, you need to write a killer email that leaves the reader in awe. Your email should be easy to read and easy to comprehend, and also reference. When talking about events from the past or future, you need to use the dates to specify them. 


Your email needs to be short and to the point so that the reader is not left to read stories. But if you must write a long email, make sure to use headings and add structure. 


Change your Body Language where Needed:


You need to self-evaluate your digital body language and change if need be. It would help if you focused on how your respond to your emails and your messages etc. It will help you realize your shortcomings, appearing a little unmotivated or off in your interactions. It can be a possible setback in your branding. So, evaluate yourself and change it. 


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