Top 6 regular illness that men must avoid in daily life


Men are considered to be more prone to mental disorders and heart issues than women. Doctors and medical experts have come to this conclusion because of the importance one gives to health. It was seen that when doctors ask for some lifestyle changes, women apply these changes more than men.

Men seem hard to adjust to new things in life and this is why they suffer more. One cannot say that either men or women have an easy life, both have their own struggles and challenges. Though women are considered more emotional men get carried away more easily and take wrong decisions.

If we consider a healthy diet like green tea and fibre-rich foods, women are more buyers of healthy drinks than men. But as said that where there is a will there is the way. If men decided not to make necessary changes to ensure that they don’t fall prey to regular illness then it can surely happen. But this will require more than just the doctor’s prescription, it demands disciple and perseverance. Taking pills is the easiest method of overcoming regular illness, but it shows how weak our internal response has become. Another example is that the rise in sales of Fildena at Powpills shows our unhealthy sex life.

Our immune system should be strong enough to fight these regular allergies and infections. In this article, we will talk about the 6 regular illness that men are more prone to in daily life and possible solutions to avoid them.

Getting addicted

Addiction is one of the rapidly growing illnesses or you may say medical conditions today. We start our addiction in teenage during high school or university with our friends. While hanging out with them we get introduced to smoking and alcohol. At that time our hormones are in rage, we think we look cool doing such stuff. But our intelligence at that time is hijacked by youthful aggression and we overlook the long-term effects of addiction. It is no mystery that smoking causes cancer but still people smoke a lot and millions of newcomers keep adding to the smoker’s list.

Withdrawing the addiction instantly will see side effects but for greater effectiveness in daily life, addictions must be eradicated. Get the help of a rehabilitation centre and come back to normal life.

High cholesterol levels

Talking scientifically there are two types of cholesterol, good and bad. Good cholesterol is needed by the body in small amounts to store energy. The problem is when bad cholesterol levels rise. This is very problematic and affects the whole functioning of the body, even depriving organs of blood. Let’s understand this, bad cholesterol often sticks in the mouth of the arteries. This restricts the flow of blood through the arteries and organs become blood deficient. To compensate for this the heart pumps blood faster, which causes the blood pressure to rise to result in hypertension or even heart disorder.


A decade ago, depression may have been a rare disorder in society. But today depression is evident in every society and especially among teenagers. Causes of depression can be anything, even a very old memory that keeps haunting you or any recent negative incident which you cannot get rid of.Bad sleep, relationship problems, career tension or stress are some of the reasons for depression.Tackling depression is a serious issue because there is a lack of awareness about mental health. People don’t even know what is depression but they still may be suffering from depression.

Depression is a sorry state of mental health,the sleep cycle is disturbed, a person gets detached from family and friends.


Insomnia is a medical situation where the person does not fall asleep or finds it difficult in falling asleep. Due to sleeping in bits and pieces, the sleep cycle is damaged and the person feels exhausted and out of energy when he/she wakes up.Depression and insomnia are kind of related to each other. Either one of them is the cause and effect of another.

Disturbed sex life

Sex life sums up overall health. A disturbed mind works against romance and intimacy. A satisfying sexual interaction demands that you leave stress and anxiety outside. But unfortunately, it cannot happen because everyone has problems in life. When problems are too big that it invades our sex life then Cenforce 150 or Vidalista comes into use.

Low immunity

This is by far sums up everything that we have talked about.People don’t have time to spend on their well-being. Dependence on pills has become so much that it has replaced the role of the immune system.Due to low immunity for twelve months in a year, people keep suffering from either cold, cough, allergy, inflammation or fever. They feel what’s wrong with them because they did no wrong.


We discussed the 6 regular illnesses that trouble the lives of men. A possible solution is an introspection and investment in personal health without the use of pills.


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