Top 5 Waste Management Tips for Your Home


The increasing environmental issues today have brought light to the inefficient means of waste disposal by people. The ones that have not been sensitive towards the collection and disposal of waste generated in their homes have surely caused some serious repercussions to their health and problems for the community they live in.

With the rise in population, this has worsened even further. Florida alone generates tons of waste each year, and only a negligible percentage is being processed or taken care of in the desired manner. Now, while you may blame it on the others, there is a lot to do on your part as well.

First things first – do something about the accumulated garbage lying in your kitchen or backyard. It can breed germs and spread disease. Here are a few waste management practices you need to be considerate of –

  1. Be Conscious When Shopping

Cutting down your household waste can be a challenging task to do but with awareness and attention, you can be successful in your motives. By avoiding bags and packaging wraps that come with products, picking recyclable stuff, or buying bulk quantities instead of multiple small packets, you can do your part of good to the surroundings and get your waste sorted right at the beginning.

  1. Say No to Plastic

Another crucial aspect of conscious-shopping is to avoid plastics at all costs. Products in cheap plastic bottles or containers and the low-quality bags you get at the grocery store have to be avoided at all costs. Instead, carry your own shopping bag to put in the food items you buy. At home, don’t use plastic for storage; glass is a healthier alternative.

  1. Ensure Proper Segregation

The waste generated by your household need not necessarily come from the kitchen. There is toxic waste such as old medicines, paints, chemicals, bulbs, spray cans, fertilizer and pesticide containers, batteries, and more. So, for simple disposing and recycling, you better use separate trash cans or bins. Keep the dry and wet waste separate for giving the right kind of treatment.

  1. Convert Organic Waste into Compost

An easy, affordable, and eco-friendly waste management technique that anyone can use is composting the organic waste from the kitchen. All you need is a good composting bin and then dumping all your vegetable leftovers and rotten fruits into it – soon, it will give you high-quality and chemical-free manure for your plants.

  1. Rent a Dumpster

Dumpster rental is when a waste removal company drops off a dumpster to use for your home. This works great when you have a home remodel or basement cleaning project on the cards. You can rent a large-sized dumpster and dispose of all types of materials in it (be mindful of hazardous waste). Besides, you need not do any sorting or think of removing it at the end of your project. The company from which you hire the dumpster hauls it away.


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