Top 5 useful Chemicals and their manufacturers and suppliers in India


We are constantly bombarded with news about the requirement for chemical solutions for everyday need. The usage of chemicals in Pharmaceuticals and household cleaning is predominantly advertised, whereas the use in artillery and ammunition is sublimated. Recently we have come across a dire requirement for chemical manufacturing to meet the needs of producing medicines and medical supplies.

Purchasing chemicals is challenging as, first and foremost, you need authentication to purchase chemicals that may have adverse uses. Secondly, the manufacturer and supplier must be certified to maintain the chemical’s authenticity, as they may be contaminated. Thirdly, and most importantly, purchasing chemicals or chemical products from black market suppliers or unauthenticated suppliers is highly illegal and dangerous. However, if purchased from a reliable source, most chemicals prove quite helpful on a global scale.

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The five most commonly used chemicals and chemical products in household and industrial purposes are listed below:

  • One of the most useful tools manufactured by chemical companies is the Humidity Indicator Card. There are different types of Humidity Indicator cards based on their level of absorption. The cards with 8% detection display a single spot, whereas the cards that display 10 – 60% absorption display six spots based on the humidity present. The blue cards generally change color and turn pink based on the levels detected. The different types of Humidity Indicator cards can be purchased from manufacturers like,,,, and others. The price of the cards varies based on the levels of indicator.


  • Amongst the requirements of various chemicals, Carbon dioxide suppliers may be producing the least harmful chemicals of all. Carbon di-oxide is abundantly used for refrigeration, both domestic and industrial; it is also used in fire extinguishers and life rafts—additionally, Carbon di-oxide suppliers service greenhouses to aid in the growth of plants. Carbon di-oxide cylinders can be purchased based on its use from leading websites such as,,, and other certified manufacturers and suppliers.


  • A highly sought after chemical, across the globe, is Nitrogen. Chiefly used to contain reactions related to products and materials containing oxygen coming in contact with the atmosphere; this is a useful product to avoid explosions. Nitrogen also has various other industrial purposes, such as manufacturing metals such as steel. The food industry has a suitable use for nitrogen to freeze substances in seconds. Construction and development are also highly aided by nitrogen to solidify the ground to create a foundation. Nitrogen, being a dangerously useful chemical, should be availed from certified sources such as SICGILSOL gases private limited, Amit labs,, and other trusted sources.




  • The most commonly used chemical is chlorine. Its use in the treatment of water to purify it of bacteria and waterborne diseases is commonly known. However, chlorine is also used in the Auto industry to manufacture parts. However, a lesser-known but most useful purpose of chlorine is its reaction properties in the manufacturing process of bulletproof vests. Manufacturers of household supplies use it to create disinfecting products and chemical industries to manufacture insecticides, pesticides, etc. It can be procured from one of the largest chemical companies, i.e., Aditya Birla Chemicals India,,, and other highly regarded manufacturers of ammonia and ammonia-based products.


  • Finally, the most widespread use of a chemical that assists humanity in countless ways is ammonia. It is abundantly used in the production of agricultural chemicals, urea, and fertilizers. It is also used to manufacture household cleaning products, synthetic textiles, and cotton-picking. In other uses, ammonia is found in considerable amounts in hair dyes, cosmetics, and producing vitamins. The leather industry has a vital use for ammonia to cure and protect the procured skin. Ammonia is also used for refrigeration and to create anti-fungal agents to protect fruits and vegetables. It can be obtained from reliable sources such as,, Bombay Ammonia, and Chemicals Company based in Mumbai,, which is based in Surat. 


Chemicals are a rich source of manufacturing various essential products. While their benefits are largely known and discussed, their disadvantages should also be taken into account. The effective use of these substances can help humanity every day, but they can threaten civilization if they fall into the wrong hands.


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