Top 5 Social Media Platforms Where Your Business Presence is Needed


A Chronological History of Social MediaThere’s no question about the relevance of social media platforms. They’re not only for personal interactions. They’re also helpful in promoting your business. Therefore, it pays to have the best social media marketing strategy. It’s even better if you decide to work with social media marketing Los Angeles agencies if your business is in the Los Angeles area. There won’t be a time zone difference. These agencies also know the needs of your target customers. Here are the best social media platforms to consider for advertising your business. 


Despite the controversies involving Facebook, it’s still undoubtedly the king of social media. With billions of users worldwide, it would be a mistake not to use it to your advantage. It’s where most people are. Your target audiences also use Facebook since it remains a popular choice among the 30 to 60 year old groups. There are about 1.5 billion searches on Facebook each day, and it consumes about 40% of all online searches. If you don’t have a robust Facebook presence, your business will be behind the game. 


More than 70% of adults in the United States use YouTube. People are willing to spend hours watching entertaining videos. Instead of focusing on written content alone, you must pay attention to videos. People prefer digesting information on a short video than reading long articles. Videos can also create an emotionally charged message. If your products are unpopular, use explainer videos. They help make it easier for people to know what you offer or how to use it. Even Google now recommends YouTube videos to those who want to know more information about the keywords they typed.


Many people prefer using Instagram because it’s not as toxic as other social media platforms, as it’s a safe space for most users. They like watching stories and gazing at beautiful pictures. Instagram is also perfect for businesses targeting younger audiences. It’s one of the most popular platforms for the 18 to 30 year old group. If you want them to appreciate your brand, use Instagram. It’s your chance to show off your company’s culture. Post pictures and videos that showcase special events and behind-the-scenes. You may even drop inspiration quotes each day. On Instagram, it’s not always about selling products. It’s about building relationships. 


Sure, not too many people use Twitter, but these users are the most engaged. When they use Twitter, they don’t stay there for a few minutes. They respond to comments and post their opinions. Therefore, it’s a mistake not to use Twitter to advertise your business. It’s also the only news source for a huge group of people. Take the opportunity to tell them about your business. If you capture their attention, you will soon increase your customer base. Twitter is also an excellent public relations tool, and even big brands use it. 


LinkedIn is the social networking site of professionals. It’s where most people go if they want to find a job or connect with other professionals. If you’re aiming at this group, you must maximize LinkedIn. It’s also for small businesses that offer services that other companies may use. You can share news on LinkedIn. You can also publish accomplishments and newsletters. Maintain a professional tone when you use this platform for advertising. Otherwise, your followers will feel turned off.

Work with social media marketing experts

It’s easy to use social media platforms. If you have personal accounts, you’re already familiar with the process. However, it’s not the same thing when you use social media for business purposes. Make sure that you work with social media marketing experts to craft the best plan. You need an approach to target the right audiences. Otherwise, your efforts won’t bear results.

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