Top 5 Skills to Succeed as a Business Strategist

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Business management graduates from across the world who seek for a rewarding career in the industry, need to acquire an extensive skillset, to succeed amid the cut-throat competition. And there is nothing better at the moment, for business strategy career aspirants, to acquire industry-relevant business certifications that can offer them a distinct competitive edge.

Especially, in the present COVID-affected times, wherein global recession has engulfed the entire world, preparing for future opportunities would be considered the most apt choice for shaping a bright prospective career.

Top 5 Skills to Master as a Business Strategy Professional

Communication & Leadership

Efficient strategy leaders must develop themselves on all fronts of communications, comprising both, written and verbal. Moreover, listening skills too, become critical, when leading a strategy team, while at work. As an experienced business strategist in leadership role, you serve as a line of communication between senior management and the frontline staff. You would need to deal with a variety of individuals at work, at different career levels, starting from entry-level professionals to CEOs and head of departments.

Besides, the conversations are going to involve phone calls, emails, in-person meetings, and presentations. And that’s why, having a command on communication and soft skills, becomes mandatory in the strategy roles.

Behavioral Skills & Emotional Intelligence

Management roles primarily involve people, and building successful business relationships with them. If you are supposed to head a team of junior strategy professionals, first, you will be required to command respect from them. And, for that, you need to understand people, and their behavior. Each individual has his own way of thinking, expressing, and delivering. And you need to crack just that.

A couple of effective ways of knowing your team members, both professionally and personally, are – conducting team-building activities, and professional one-to-one meetings from time to time. Amid all this, you should not forget showcasing your authority and managerial skills, while successfully playing your part as a team member.

Strategic Thinking & Far-Sightedness

Thinking of the bigger picture, and evaluation of things in totality, is a strategy leader’s primary role, apart from overseeing the execution part. While you manage your day-to-day leadership tasks, you are needed to think of future strategies, well in advance, as a strategy leader.

Establishing priorities that fall in sync with the organizational goals, is among one of the many job responsibilities of a business strategy leader. Among the other critical job duties, come – reviewing strategy guidelines from time to time and suggesting changes as per the current market conditions and changing trends, and overseeing the progress of desired implementation of the same.

Decision-Making & Conflict Resolution

In a managerial role, you will be required to identify and resolve issues pertaining to strategy execution on a day-to-day basis. This would demand of you to pay absolute attention to detail, and staying calm under challenging circumstances. Being at the helm of things in such a demanding role, requires of you to demonstrate exceptional decision-making skills.

That’s how, you get to keep the workflow smooth, and the team productive. You need to be always on your feet in terms of dealing with sudden strategy challenges that are unasked for. Creative thinking, and an innovative bent of mind will help, significantly.

Market Awareness

This is the among the most in-demand skills for employers across the world that hire strategy degree holders and experienced professionals in leadership roles. As a matter of fact, recruiters say that commercial, or market awareness, is one of those skills that a majority of fresh graduates fall short on.

While you climb the career ladder as a young strategy professional, reaching the higher management and C-suite levels, market awareness starts weighing even more, as in these positions, you take business decisions based on the same.


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