Top 5 Restaurant Ordering Apps To Lookout For In The UK

Restaurant Ordering Apps

Whether it is the scorching heat or the chilly nights, both these factors restrict us from moving out of the house. With the internet and advanced food delivery apps, getting food delivered to the home no more remains a big deal. You can order food using your mobile handset and just a few clicks. The competition has been so high that all the big food joints have now started to deliver food through the apps. You will not miss any dish even if you order online. Therefore, whether you have 10 hungry friends at your home or you are fed up with fulfilling the food demands of your kids, you should not worry anymore. The only thing that you need is the app through which you would be able to place the order straight to your home. Market your restaurant business online with the Online Flyer maker tool. Design your own restaurant flyer without any extra effort with PhotoADKing.Today we are going to mention some of the best food delivery/restaurant ordering apps in the UK.

Best Food Delivery/Restaurant Ordering Apps In UK


It is one of the most famous food delivery applications used all over the UK. Deliveroo offers you food from the top restaurants in the city. They handle their transportation by themselves and bring you the mouth-water food to your table. When you order food through Deliveroo, you will know that they allow you to order food from the best restaurants, local hotspots, and the national favorites. You can search either by cuisine, category, or restaurants. The different search options allow every user to view the popular restaurants and meals available at their location.

Uber Eats

This is yet another popular app used by millions of people in the UK. You can search the nearby restaurants using the app. People can also make their searches on the name of the restaurant, dish, diet, cuisines, and meals. With just a few clicks on your mobile, you would be able to pick your choice from the given menu and put it in the cart. You can choose to get the food immediately or at a later time. The app allows you to make the payment securely using the credit card or Uber cash.

Hungry House

The users who often opt for food delivery have claimed this app an excellent option. The app has tie-ups with more than 10,000 restaurants in the UK and they have a wide range of service options for both restaurants and the customers. The application of Hungry House is easy to use and reliable. It can be downloaded by any Android or iOS devices from the apps store. The app is equipped with a GPS position and postcode that automatically detects your location and shows you the nearby restaurants.

Food Hub

Food Hub is popular for the wide range of cuisines that it offers. It detects the location of the user and displays the favorite takeaway counters available for the customer. As the owners of the app take no commission from the restaurants, they can get you exclusive deals where you can save a few bucks. When you order food using this app, you can make the payment through debit or credit card and cash on delivery. The app also has a meal tracker that shows you how far your food is before delivery.


Favoritetable has one of the most user-friendly interfaces that allow the customer to make easy orders. It lets them pick the food on the preferred date and time for both collection and delivery. This restaurant ordering app attracts its customers by its numerous special offers and promotions. When you order food through Favoritetable, you can do hassle-free payment using your debit or credit card. This British food delivery app has gained positive feedbacks that increase the trust factor among the customers.

When you order food using the popular food delivery apps in the UK, you open up a wide range of possibilities from getting food delivered from the restaurants who don’t deliver food on their own. Therefore, just get the apps installed and keep ordering food. You will save on both money and energy.

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