Top 5 Best Trekking for 2021


Of course, trekking in Nepal is the most satisfying adventurous sport in the world and it will also remain the same for the upcoming year 2021. People planning to travel to Nepal after the end of COVID are expected to love each and every part of their journey in time. Every trekking route is beautiful, exciting, and filled with lots of crazy experiences.

With the emerging trend of adventure, physical exercise, and love of people towards greenery and mountains, lots of people are expected to visit Nepal in 2021.  Choosing their types might be slightly difficult for people as everything between trips would be so competitive to select one. But if we have to rank the best route to give a lifetime experience for travelers, its necessary to look after some statistics. Based on the history of travel, popularity, scenery, experience, and hidden beauty of the trekking routes in different regions of Nepal we’ve listed the top 5 Best Trekking for 2021.
Here is the list of top 5 best treks in Nepal for 2021

Everest Base Camp Trek

Trekking to the base camp of Everest has always been the no.1 trekking in Nepal, because of its diverse range of experience, popularity, and scenery. Actually, after completing this trip you become one of those lucky people who’ve touched the tallest structure in the world. Not only because of Everest but also because of other mountains, peaks, local people and natural beauty, People love this trek very much.

At the very beginning, we will be thrilled by the aerial view of eastern Nepal, Lukla airport, and leading to Namche Bazaar, also known as mini Thamel. This trip is important from a cultural aspect too as we will visit some of the oldest monasteries in Nepal, prayer flags, and great sculptures of the holy goddess. Walking by watching 3 world’s highest mountains, greenery, bamboo forest, wild animals one the Sagarmatha National park are the best memories of this trek.

Khumbu glaciers and Khumbu icefall on the Gorakshep are other highlights of this trek. The trip would be about 12-16 days long according to your preference. This trekking would give you an idea of how mountain climbing looks like. Some people might feel difficulties in breathing due to altitude, but we would be fully equipped with the necessary medicine and other expertise. Your team will always be there with you even in the worst-case scenario.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

The most famous, beautiful, and amazing trekking site in western Nepal is Annapurna base camp trek. This is the most crowded trek route in Nepal which allows you to meet your trekking partner on the way. The trip offers you the best view of Annapurna Mountain along with Dhaulagiri and many other peaks around it.

A wide range of diversity in every aspect of nature can be seen during this trek. The culture of local people, lifestyle, food habits, and typical Nepali experience is another important aspect of this trekking. Waterfalls, green forests, and wildlife in the Annapurna Conservation Area would make you surprised.

Even with a little bit of chance of being caught by altitude, we prefer you to bring some medicine. Also, we would like to suggest bringing all essential equipment as this is a Lil bit dangerous as snowfall would cover your path upto 4 feet. And with the excellent team, best combination, willpower, and appropriate gear we can complete this trip easily.

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu circuit trek is one of the off the beaten path trails in Nepal. Trekking to the Manaslu area was restricted before for tourists and now it’s possible to explore this area with trekking permits and permission. Opened for a minimum of 400 people in 1992, this route still shows up how trekking in Nepal looked like in the 90s.

Walking in the George of Budhi Gandaki crossing low farmland to reach the snowy area of Manaslu mountain would let you experience the life of local people. Moving further to the Larkya-La pass you might feel some discomfort because of altitude and the steep path on our way.

Crossing Larkya La pass is one of the difficult things in Nepal trekking, and the experience you’ve collected in the journey would last until your last time.

Flora and Fauna on the Manaslu Conservation area will welcome you to the natural heritage of Nepal. The area is also filled by lots of wild animals giving you that natural and hidden feeling. Not crowded as other trekking regions, but offer you a luxury experience, scenery, and hidden facts about Nepal.

Everest Three High Pass Trek

Everest Three high pass Trek takes you to the dense snow and in Khumbu region allowing you to experience Gorakshep, 5310m and other beautiful natural creatures in Khumbu Region. This trekking will also pass Everest base camp Kala Patthar. A great piece of great adventure and experience striking with lots of challenges will make this a lifetime memorable experience.

We will cross Rejo La pass, Chola Pass, and Kongma La Pass in the same trek and named it Everest three high pass trek. All of these passes are above 5000m and you might feel some tiredness due to continuous walk and altitude, but the destination is beautiful.

Pine forest, Sagarmatha National Park, Flora and fauna, wild animals and natural heritage of the Khumbu region is impressive and so it is listed in world heritage sites. You will see three of the world’s tallest mountains from the route. The difficulties, challenges, and tiredness will all disappear when you find such a beautiful place to chill out.

Langtang Valley Trek

A moderate trekking route in the Langtang trekking region, Langtang valley trek is one of the most famous trekking in Nepal Because of its duration, price, and difficulty level, lots of tourists visit Langtang valley.  Rhododendron and pine forest surrounded by Red pandas will take everyone’s breath away. The awesome experience of city life in the hidden village of Rasuwa with only natural heritage around you in only 3 days is quite an impressive thing about this trip.

Digging into the deep about this trip, we will meet different types of cultural sites of Buddhism, and Hinduism. Monasteries in the Tamang village decorated with prayer flags and paths made using square stones and decorated by mani walls is itself a lifetime experience. Watching the surroundings of the place is even satisfying. Around 250 species of birds are expected to stay inside this conservation area.

Cheese factory-made by King Birendra in the early 90s is still famous and makes delicious cheese from Yak milk. Himalayan yeti was expected to stay here somewhere in history. It would take 10 maximum days to complete this trip and in this part of your life, you will have an amazing experience of how 5 best Trekking for 2021 feels like.

So, coming to the end of the top 5 best trekking for 2021, we recommend you to choose your next trip wisely. All experience will be collected from the high Himalayan ranges but you might have a different tastes from other people. All the trips are memorable, adventurous, but these are the top 5. We hope to see you soon in Nepal




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