Top 5 Beauty Treatments in Dubai For 2020


They say, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’, an old cliche putting a quart into a pint pot. While this is an undeniable fact, as the number of plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures is steadily accentuating. The standards for evaluation of attractiveness are also rising.

The cosmetic industry is growing and scientists are rigorously researching day and night. It is to develop a wide variety of treatments designed exclusively to give people a younger-looking and smoother skin. They can now pay a dermatologist or medical spa professionals to target practically any imperfection on their body – from acne scars to precancerous growths.

So, say goodbye to the olden days when using sunscreen and moisturizer was considered the only solution to avoid problems, and welcome the new frontier – plastic surgery, that will literally de-age your face. Go ahead and read on for five of the most common beauty treatments for 2020.


Commonly known as nose-job, rhinoplasty is the most routinely performed beauty treatment nowadays. No doubt,to treat the functional issues of the nose here’s a plethora of nasal surgeries specifically. You can take example of septoplasty or sinus surgery. However, rhinoplasty is the treatment that can be performed to improve the shape as well as the function of the nose.

Under the nose or through a small external cut (incision) at the base of the nose, between the nostrils, you can perform this procedure. In this way, the surgeon will possibly rectify the placement of the bone and cartilage underneath the skin. The treatment can be used to resolve medical treatment as well including breathing difficulties instigated by a deviated septum, or traumatic defects from injuries.

Men and women of all ages try rhinoplasty as a correctional surgery apart from using it solely as a cosmetic one.

Beauty Treatments

Micro needling

As the name suggests, Micro needling is a procedure in which a surgeon uses a fine-needle roller or a pen-like device to smoothen your skin. Also known as collagen induction therapy, this beauty treatment may help those looking to lessen the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks.

In this process,on the face a bunch of tiny tears appears. While it may sound outlandish to constantly modify the skin while you want to improve its overall appearance, this is where the treatment shows its magic.

Creating tears helps increase the production of collagen. Since collagen is an integral component of the skin, the treatment tightens and smooths out any symptoms of wrinkles and signs of aging.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

Surgeons use Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for treating incapacitated tendons since long. However, it is now popular for skin treatment, too. Rightly dubbed as “vampire facial”, the procedure is getting popular among the youths.

In this method, the surgeons take a sample of your blood. By doing this, they will be extracting plasma and platelets to collect a dense sample of PRP. Then,to inject back the needles into the skin, surgeons can use micro-needling, thus promoting collagen production. The treatment enables the person to get rid of acne scars, fine lines and even hyper pigmentation.

Radio frequency Skin Tightening

Radio frequency treatments help tighten loose skin by using a micro inflammatory process that accentuates the production of collagen. Fundamentally, a handheld device emanates energy into your skin. This will heat it up, which upsurges the production of collagen. It supposedly feels like a hot stone bath.

This treatment is painless, unlike some other fat reduction methods. Apart from having no downtime, the treatment gives an even result without causing any surface irregularities.

The procedure can bring stiffness all over your get optimal results. You need to get it at least 6 to 12 times from anywhere.The benefits are induced with the passage of time.


Ultherapy, similar to radio frequency skin tightening, uses ultrasound technology to target deeper layers of the skin; thus, helping it produce more collagen. You can use this procedure to get rid of loose skin and wrinkles.

This treatment uses state-of-the-art micro-focused ultrasound technology which effectively lifts and stiffens skin. Normally, the areas of focus for ultherapy involve the brow, neck and jawline. The procedure also visibly reduced the appearance of wrinkles and fines lines in general areas.

Ultrasound technology also enables the physician to identify. After identifying, then treat the deep-seated supportive layers without cutting or unsettling the surface. Whether it is painful or not will depend on the patient’s tolerance for discomfort.

While the treatment is getting prominence in the world, this is the best plastic surgery Dubai offer(s) to its visitors and residents.

All in all, a complete makeover without downtime or incisions sounded like an over promise on the onset in the past but not now. These treatments are touching the pinnacles of perfection with each passing day; thus giving people younger-looking skin forever.


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