Top 3 Organic Perfumes In Pakistan


Have you ever wished to smell the best among the crowd? Well, yes that exact experience or seduction that you get when someone smelling so good walks past you or sits next to you. While we most definitely know that the answer to our question would be a big fat YES because why not? We have got an affordable secret to achieve that impression all with the help of our special list based on the best perfume for men and women below. 

The best part about the list, unlike any other you will find on the internet is, you can find every single perfume that we are going to mention in Pakistan and that too with a guarantee of having natural ingredients at the best affordable price tag. Also if you are a more patriotic person like us, then we have also focused on giving more attention to local brands as retail stores like J. Bonanza and the much hyped organic perfumes line up of hair energy also deliver exceptional products. They last long and the fragrances are made with so much dedication and commitment by the top perfumers around the country that we bet they will turn heads of people around you. 

So, if you have a few bucks in your pocket and there is a special event coming your way, or you want to make sure that you smell great all the time, here are the fragrances you should buy right away then! 

  • Uroosa by J.

We are going to start off the list with something magical for ladies as Uroosa (ever since the inception of Junaid Jamshed’s fragrance line up) has been the absolute favorite! It comes in a beautiful-crown like bottle and once you spray it, you will get to realize that it is a beautiful combination of bergamot, tangerine nectarine, apple and black current with magnolia, lily of the valley, jasmine and freesia with gardenia. 

Yes, exactly like the way you might be looking at the list of items as too much for you, they combine together to offer a scent which can also make your personality appear as too much (but in a good way!)

  • Me Again By Hair Energy

Before we tell you how good the scent is, Hair Energy has also done a great job in naming it as the feel of this fragrance is exactly of a person you would want to meet or see again and again. The combination of notes packed inside it include Rose, Jasmine, Saffron, Carnation, Patchouli, Milk, Iris, Honey, Cedarwood, Nagarmotha, Black Musk, Civet and Ambergris. Moreover, the brand also promises that it will last longer than normal because of being made up of natural ingredients so it automatically becomes the best buy in the list for men! 

  • Orange Bloom By Khaadi

As the name suggests, this perfume is the best perfume for women but we suggest it is a great Unisex buy available in the market as well because its magical combination of orange with vanilla can also work for men. Hence, wearing it in the current heat would only make you more loveable among the crowd – irrespective of your gender! 

So, which one from these organic perfumes are you planning to buy?




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