Top 10 things to do in Rameswaram

Top 10 things to do in Rameswaram

Rameswaram is one of the beautiful islands in the world. In this article, I will tell you the top 10 things you must-do if you are traveling to Rameswaram.

Pamban Bridge

If you are going to Rameswaram from the train, then you will see the beautiful ocean before reaching Rameswaram. Moreover, while you are in a train you will get the chance to view the Pamban Bridge.

Pamban bridge is the oldest ocean bridge in India. It is around a hundred years old.

Some years ago, this bridge was able to divide itself into two parts, so that ships can cross it. But now it is permanent.

Moreover, there is a road bridge that is parallel to the Pamban Bridge.

Ramanatha Swamy Temple

According to the ancient stories, when Lord Rama was going to Ayodhya after killing the demon king Ravana, some saints stopped him. They told Lord Rama that Ravana was a Brahman. And after his death, you had done a sin of Brahma hatya (killing a brahman).

The saints told Lord Rama that in order to free yourself from this sin, you must worship Lord Shiva.

So, Lord Rama sent Lord Hanumana to get him a Shiv Linga from Himalaya. But he got late in bringing the Linga.

So, Hindu Goddess Sita (wife of Lord Rama) made a linga from sand and Lord Rama Worshipped the Shiva Linga. Later when Lord Hanuman brought the linga from Himalaya, it was kept there only.

On these two Linga, Ramanatha Swamy temple is made.

Agni Teertham

Around 100 meters away there is a sea pier (Samudra Ghat), named as Agni Teertham.

Devotees come there to take a bath and then go in the temple in their wet clothes. After this bath people go to the temple to take a bath in the water of 22 Kund.

For taking a bath of 22 kund, you have to deposit a small amount of money.

People do this before going to Ramanatha Swamy temple. After taking bath from kund, devotees go for paying their respect to the shiva linga inside the temple in dry clothes.

The gallery of Ramantha Swamy temple is the biggest gallery in the world.

Gandamadana Parvatham

This is another temple in Rameswaram. This temple is also beautiful. You will see the mark of Lord Rama’s feet inside the temple.

Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir

While coming back from Gangamadana Parvat, you will see this temple.

This temple has a large statue of Lord Hanumana in his Panchmukhi Form. The statue is black in color. Devotees come there and pay their respect to Lord Hanumana.

There you can also see the rocks that float on water.

Kothandaramaswamy Temple Rameswaram

While going to Dhanushkodi, you will see this temple. This is the place where Vibhishan met Lord Rama.

Moreover, this is the place where Lord Rama declared Vibhashan as the King of Lanka.

This temple is very old and is situated on the seashore of the Ocean. This ocean is very silent. And when you will go there you won’t feel like you are near an ocean. The water is very transparent. In order to reach there, you have to cover around one and a half km by walking. This is why tourists usually don’t go there.


After that, you must go to Dhanushkodi. It is the most beautiful place in Rameswaram. It is a place where the water of two oceans, that is Bengal Ocean and Indian Ocean meet. You can go there by the Government bus. They will charge you around 15-20 Rs.

From there you can get another vehicle for going further. Charges will be around Rs 150 and they will take you to Bay Of Bengal (Bengal Ki Khadi).

Haunted place

On the way to Dhanushkodi, they will take you to a haunted place.

There you will see ruins of a railway station, railway tracks, church and post office.

Long ago this area was very well developed by Britishers. But in a storm, a train that was carrying around 150 passengers was attacked by the storm. Moreover, the British Government was unable to find any of the passengers that were hit by the storm.

From that time, it is considered a haunted place.

When you will go there you will find some fishermen.

House of APJ Abdul Kalam and Samadhi Sthal

Our late prime minister Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was also born in Rameswaram. You can see his house. The ground floor of his house is converted in Museum, so you can go there for sure.

Near his house lies the Samadhi Sthal of Sir Abdul Kalam. This place is also very well maintained.

Bird Sanctuary

If you are going between October and January, you can visit the bird sanctuary. Many migrant birds come there in this duration.

Water sport at Kushi beach.

Around 30 km away, there is a beach named as Kushi beach. Here you can go and a lot of water sport.

Travelers Tip

Do not visit there in summer and rainy season, as there will be humidity.

Avoid going there during Chandragrahand, Savan or any other festival of Lord Shiva, as there will be a lot of crowd during that time.

Try taking your hotel near Ramantha Swamy Temple.


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