Tommy Swanhaus’s Audiobook, Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company


Tommy Swanhaus is an 8 times bestselling author and has launched an audiobook of his best-selling book “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, And Company” on the world’s largest audio platform, Audible. The book that had over 2.75 Million downloads is now available for free on Audible. Tommy Swanhaus Audiobook is another step towards the innovation he preaches about in his books and conferences.

With the world moving to the digital platforms, markets have also moved to them, which in turn has moved audiences to them as well. This prompted him to make a Tommy Swanhaus Audiobook, which gets everyone in on the same action the book has but in an audio format. The Tommy Swanhaus Audiobook is Narrated by Tommy Swanhaus himself because he was worried that his audience might not find other narrators or audio engineers to be interesting enough.

Audible lets you listen to the Tommy Swanhaus Audiobook for free with a 30-Day trial that can be canceled at any given time. While the eBook or paperback version is still available on all platforms like amazon and kobo. Visit

The book is bound to help the people who are stuck in their close-ended jobs and need to liberate themselves and grow into something much bigger and successful. The audiobook can be listened to anytime and the concepts become much easier to grasp when you listen to them over and over again. This makes all the techniques mentioned in the audiobook very practical.

In the audiobook, Tommy Swanhaus talks about his own personal entrepreneurial journey which has helped many people to break free from their dead-end careers and make a stand for themselves. This is only because people can easily relate their own experiences with the experiences of the author. You don’t have anything to lose by listening to it but you sure will gain a lot and learn a lot as well.


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