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Bounce houses are the best substitute for the trampolines for kids. They are way safer than the trampoline, they don’t have anything made of metal and are light weighted. The bounce houses come in various shapes and sizes. However, mainly there are two types of bounce houses: commercial bounce houses and residential bounce houses. Of course, both types of bounce houses have a lot of similarities but they also have differences. In this article, we will be focusing on the difference between the commercial bounce house and the residential bounce house. We will compare both types to make you understand more about the bounce houses.

Basic Comparison

  1. Use and purpose

The first and foremost difference is the use of bounce houses. It is obvious that the bounce houses are meant for kids to play in it however there is more to it on the basis of their type. As the name suggests the residential bounce houses are meant for your house’s backyard. Where you can enjoy some time with your kids on your personal bounce house. On the contrary, the commercial bounce houses are not meant for the homes. They are purely for business purposes. These bounce houses can be rented on several occasions like parties especially kids parties, carnivals, etc. These bounce houses need big and open space to be placed like the park or the malls.

  1. Material

The next difference or the comparison is the material of the bounce house that they are made of. The commercial bouncers are made up of commercial-grade PVC coated vinyl also or the heavy-duty polyester. This type of material is made to last longer and doesn’t get punctured easily even after continuous use for hours. On the other hand, the residential bounce houses are made up of oxford cloth fabric which has no PVC coating, which makes the material delicate and not very long-lasting.

  1. Size of the bounce houses

Let us compare the size of the bounce houses. The commercial bounce houses are huge in size which is why they need open and big space to fit. These bounce houses can not be used at home as they will not fit in. Their minimum size is 10 feet and can go as big as 80 feet. On the other hand, the residential bounce houses are way smaller in size. They can easily fit in your backyard. The size of these bounce houses can range from 3 feet to 15 feet.

  1. Number of people in it

The number of people riding or jumping in the bounce house depends on what type the bounce house is and the size of it as well. When it comes to the commercial bounce house type, the number of people that can go into it is 4 – 10 people at a time, also you need to note that commercial bounce houses that are big in size can be used by children as well as adults. When it comes to the residential bounce house type, the number of people that can go into it is 2-4 at a time. Point to be noted is that in the residential bounce house, adults can not go in for a jump.

Although the standard limit of people is fixed for the different types of bounce houses, the limitation can still vary depending on the size of your bounce house. Those limitations are mentioned on the pack or the manual of the pack.

  1. The durability of the bounce house

Durability is the major point when comparing two or more things so how can we leave it here. As we learned that business bounce houses are made up of heavy-duty polyester which makes them long-lasting. Normally, a commercial bounce house can last for at least 3 – 5 years. It can last even more depending on the maintenance of the bounce house.

The residential bounce houses are less durable due to quality and non-commercial purposes. Normally, a residential bounce house can last up to 6 months – 1 year. It can last a bit longer if you take good care of it and store it properly.

  1. Cost

Coming to the cost point, bounce houses are obviously costly as they are huge in size and are made up of heavy-duty material. The residential bounce houses don’t cost much as compared to the commercial bounce houses as they are small in size and are not so durable.

  1. Warranty

The warranty for any product is an imperative aspect. When it comes to the business bounce houses, you are going to invest a heavy amount in it, so you expect a longer warranty. The normal warranty period for these bounce houses is 2-3 years. However, it can vary depending on the price, company, and the size of the bounce house. The residential bounce house warranty ranges from 3 months to 6 months as they are low in cost and small in size. Nevertheless, the warranty of these houses also varies depending on the price, company, and the size of the bounce house.

Safety Features Comparison

  1. Slide stoppers

The slide stoppers are always included in the jumping castles as the safety measure, while in the residential bounce houses the slide stoppers are rarely included. When buying a residential bounce house, make sure to check for the slide stopper, if you can’t find one hen you need to be very careful when your kids play in it.

  1. Top cover

The top cover is not that big a deal, but, it can come in handy as a safety measure. It is included in the commercial bouncers and normally, excluded from the residential bounce house.

  1. Inflatable walls

The inflatable walls protect the kids or any person in the bounce house from falling while sliding. These inflatable walls are obviously included in the commercial bounce houses and excluded from the residential bounce houses.

  1. Blower quality

Every bounce house comes with a blower to get it inflated. These blowers are of high quality and high pressure in the commercial bouncer. They are made up of heavy-duty material. In the residential bounce house, the quality of the blower is low and the pressure is also low.

After comparing the two types of bounce houses, it is clear that commercial bounce houses are better than the residential bounce houses. However, it doesn’t mean that the residential bounce houses are very dangerous and your kids should avoid it. It is just the comparison that makes the commercial bounce houses better than the other.


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