To Do A BSC Nursing As Your Career

bsc nursing college

Nurses are one of the most crucial parts of our healthcare sectors, whose kindness towards humankind is incomparable. Not only by taking excellent care of the patients but by also assisting doctors and surgeons, and taking part in research, they have contributed a lot to the medical field. 

In India, a four-year undergraduate course titled B.Sc Nursing is referred to as one of the best courses for nursing aspirants. Although there might be other courses which also aim at training nurses and midwives when compared to the course offered at any BSc Nursing college, there’s no winner and here’s why. 

Why BSc in Nursing Only? 

In India, the three first and most popular nursing courses are:


  • GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) 
  • ANM (Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery) 
  • B.Sc in Nursing


GNM is a three and a half years diploma program in nursing which trains nurses to perform in hospital environments. ANM is a two years diploma program which also teaches nurses, but those who have some basic knowledge in nursing. To put it more straightforward words, GNM creates nurses and ANM trains nurses better. 

On the other hand, BSc in Nursing is a four-year undergraduate program where aspirants are shaped into nurses, slowly and extensively, teaching them the basics of nursing as well as training them, both theoretically and practically. It is a proper degree, with more recognition and credibility. 

The subjects divided throughout the course are also taught in detail and thoroughly. Besides basic nursing like first-aid, assisting in research, the course also goes into preparing how to support the doctors during medical procedures as well as how to manage the hospital wards and personnel efficiently. 

It is of three types:

  • B.Sc (N) Basic
  • B.Sc (N) Post-Basic
  • B.Sc (N) Distance

Eligibility Criteria

Following are the requirements which must be fulfilled to get admission in a B.Sc Nursing college in India:

  • The aspirant’s age must be between 17 to 35 years. 
  • He/She must be a student (10+2) with a science background with Physics, Chemistry and Biology as main subjects, having at least 40%-50% of the score. 
  • Must pass the entrance exams conducted by respective colleges and universities. 

Scope in Bsc in Nursing

Being a proper undergraduate degree rather than a diploma, BSc in Nursing offers a much better scope in the healthcare sector than that offered by ANM or GNM. The efficiency in the course and training a student undergoes while pursuing BSc in Nursing is incomparable to any other degree.

Such a program is exceptionally vital if one wants to pursue higher education like post-graduation or even PhD in nursing. 

The annual income is also the highest when the nurse has a background in Bsc in Nursing. 


BSc in Nursing is the sole course which offers a brilliantly prepared extensive program in the field of nursing and hospitality. The subject matter and training, which is given at a BSc Nursing college, lays the foundation of all the skills a good nurse must have to meet the requirements of the job. Compared to other nursing courses, BSc in Nursing is the sole course which is extensive in details and covers different medical fields in-depth, therefore making it the prime key to a medical revolution.


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