Tips to Pass Your Driving test


Happy, eh? The joy you feel when you know you’d start driving soon! Your car! Finally, you can move around and go on that trip or that gorgeous date with your significant other! Remember Josh Trager from Kyle XY; he had the same feeling. So, it’s quite okay.


However, you have yet a driving test to pass. Not to scare you, but a road test and behind-the-wheel test can be a frightening task.


Good news. The hacks compiled in this article from the guys at Automole will help you calm your nerves. You’d pass your driving test excellently, get your beautiful car, get a boost to your social life, and go on that road trip.


Let’s show you how:


5 Hacks To Crushing Your Driving Test

On getting to your test center, don’t panic. They (your evaluators) grade you on five components:

  • eyesight examination
  • driving independently
  • overall driving ability
  • reversing, and
  • show-and-tell safety protocols.

Luckily, those are what this piece entails. Let’s start – sequentially!


Learn Your Safety Protocols

Your evaluator would test your theoretical as well as your practical knowledge of driving. So, be prepared!

Read in your car and touch its parts if you could. Because that’s what your examiner would do; ask you questions and tell you to point!

The baseline here is to verify if you indeed know the rules and if you have vivid pictures of what is safe and unsafe.


Eyesight Check

After the show-and-tell, what comes next is your eye examination. Your gorgeous white balls, are they working? Can you see afar or near objects?

Let’s verify!

Before your test, do a little personal Stay 10-20m meters away from your car and read the plate number.

Can you read it? No?

Get help and glasses! More importantly, ensure you wear it all through your test.


Things are about to get mechanical!


Can You Drive?

A quick tip: familiarise yourself with the testing grounds before the D-day. Look out for possible road signs, school markings, zebra crossing!

Did you ask why?

Your evaluator will get your hands and legs working. S/he will give you routes and directions, and you’d drive.

Now, don’t fret! Just drive as you had been during your various lessons, and expect maneuvers!


Driving Independently

The tip here is to drive regardless of the instructor beside you for a max of 20 minutes. All you need to do to show here is that you drive your car safely and confidently without guidance.

Don’t worry if you forget the routes. Your evaluator will get you back to the channels when the assessment is complete.


Can You Reverse?

Reversing a car is tricky but not impossible. Follow your instructor guide; however, do it at your own pace.

Now, repeat that to your examiner!

Your only worry now should be where & how to park and the car length. Thankfully, you can navigate those worries by choosing a test car you’re most comfortable handling.


Voila! Now, you can ride off. However, if you still have fears, let’s reassure you:

Unless you make dangerous mistakes or accrue over 15 of such, you’d get your license. Even if failed and you feel you did well, you can yet appeal the decision!


We hope that helps! Happy driving!



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