Tips To Make Money From Your Blog

9 Great Tips To Make Money From Your Blog

There are several ways to earn money from blogs or blogs name, one of which is Google AdSense. Even if AdSense bans you, you can earn money from many alternative Google AdSense platforms. Through the blogging, one can also gain a lot of experiences and knowledge. Anyone can a blog if he or she a minimum idea about a topic.

Income From The Blog

Google Adsense

Adsense is one of the ways to make money from blogs making. AdSense is the only source of income for many bloggers. Numerous websites around the world have found success through Google AdSense.


Since AdSense, they publish ads from various companies and organizations directly on your website. If you want, you can also publish ads of other companies directly on your website without any medium.

In this case, of course, you have to have contact with various organizations and companies. However, if your website views and traffic is high, then different companies will contact you to advertise or for guest post service.

Sponsored Post

Sponsored post means when you exchange money you will share any post on your blog or blogs making. Different companies or organizations from time to time publish paid blogs to promote their products. If you are a blogger, these sponsored posts can be one of your sources of income.

Affiliate Products

Those who have an idea about affiliate marketing do not have to say anything new. You will share articles on your blog about the features and benefits of different companies’ products. You will commission at a fixed rate based on their product clicks and sales. This is one of the most important sources of revenue for your website.

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Paid Membership

When your website becomes very popular and when each of your content becomes much more valuable, you can turn to a paid membership system. Through this, if someone wants to read a specific article on your website, they can read the article if they buy a membership with money.


When a new mobile phone or a new product comes on the market, it is possible to make money by reviewing its features and qualities. It is already a great source of income for most of the bloggers for blogs making. The importance of reviews is increasing day by day due to the growth of electronic gadgets and e-commerce websites.

Selling Digital Products

In the age of internet and smart phones, the term digital product is quite familiar to everyone. Some of the notable digital products are:

  • E-book
  • Tutorials or online courses
  • Software and games
  • Themes, plugins and designs

Selling Services

Selling services means that if you are a good web and graphic designer of a web design company, you can make your talent public by writing blogs online. As a result, people will call you in the future, which will create an alternative source of income for you. There are also some other services such as:

  • Cooking recipes made
  • Article writing
  • Graphics or web design
  • Programming
  • Provide ideas or advice
  • Take online courses

Business Partnership

A business partner is a contract with a trader. This means that you will promote them by writing or advertising their products or services on your blog, in return for which they will pay you. Such an agreement can be with any type of business organization. It can even happen with any blog.


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