Tips to Make Blogs More Successful than Ordinary Blogger

  • Do you have a blog and want to understand some tips for creating a blog? If you have it, I want to congratulate you because you have become one of the owners of “weapons” in the ” content warfare ” that is currently rife among business owners.
  • Have a blog with any platform, whether WordPress, Blogspot, or Joomla, you mean having one powerful weapon and effective enough to improve the performance of the business you have.
  • No wonder so many business owners are starting to manage corporate blogs. But for those of you who don’t have a blog, don’t worry, because it’s not too late to start a blog!

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  • Here are tips for making a successful and well-known company blog.
    Tips to Make Blogs More Successful than Ordinary Bloggers
    1. Form a Team
    A good blog must be updated, and believe me, to do that regularly you can’t do it alone. Forming a special team to manage the blog is one important and crucial part of building a bigger blog. You must choose a reliable writer who is truly committed and has a strong passion for blogging.
  • Next, build good communication with the writers. Communicate with these writers their roles and responsibilities and work plans. That way the communication fabric between you and between writers will get better.Don’t forget to always adjust the compensation that the writers get for the work done. That is also one important variable. At the beginning of creating a blog, you might find it difficult to find the right writer to manage your blog.
    1. Manage Workflow and Scheduling

    You work with people who have a tendency to delay work. Therefore you need an editorial calendar for the blog to organize workflows and scheduling in publishing articles. If you and the writers adhere to the editorial calendar, then your strategy in developing a blog will run smoothly.

    on Google Drive, anyone can see details from topics to write to, scheduling issues to writing references. Applications such as Slack or Facebook groups can also be an effective tool for sharing information or documents between writers without having to face each other.

    However, if you are freelance writers through freelancing sites, you don’t need to bother using the application. You can use the workspace in Sribulancer and also reply to messages only through e-mails that are connected to your workspace.

    1. Develop Blog Materials

    In every meeting — virtual or face-to-face — every material related to blog writing to the team must always be explained. The materials shared are intended to ensure the blog is in the correct standard.

    Extend how-to material to the team so that each member has a uniform perception in managing content in the #blog. Remember! the purpose of this step is to ensure that your corporate blog is on the right track. Materials that can be shared such as the ethics of blog writing, examples or guidelines for making headlines, a list of relevant reference websites, contact lists of team members, to how to optimize SEO.

    When a blog is on the right track, surely your blog will not be classified as a type of blog that is merely for passengers to pass by.

    1. Editor’s Presence

    Fresh eyes are needed — besides the eyes of the writers in the team — to review a piece of writing. So, the presence of an editor as the last bastion of a blog before the publish button is clicked is a necessity.


    The task of an editor is not only to revise the linguistic aspects but also to ensure the writing calendar of the blogging team runs according to the specified deadline. In addition, maintaining

  • good communication with all team members is also the task of the editor because he must be a comfortable figure to share ideas and provide inspiration for writers.Therefore, appoint a good communicator as an editor.
    1. Discuss Ideas and Blog Performance Reports

    Meeting schedule, although not necessarily always face to face, it is a must if you want to continue to maintain the viability of a blog. Every meeting, chat session, or any form of interaction both with the editor and team members should be used as a means to brainstorm blog development ideas.

    Meetings or interactions do not have to be done rigidly and formally, in fact, must be as relaxed as possible so that bright idea can flow and discuss into concepts.

    No less important is to discuss the performance of the blog. In general, Google Analytics is used to determine the performance of a blog. From there it can be seen analysis such as which posts are most shared on social media, how long a visitor visits a blog, how many posts are seen to the demographics of blog visitors.


    Analyzing blog performance reports is also very important as a means of evaluation for each writer. That way, each team member will increasingly know the weaknesses and strengths of each, the more familiar with their respective tasks and functions, and know the behaviour of the readers of their writing.


    In addition to having a good and representative blog appearance, you also need to understand tips for creating blogs in terms of content. In order to create powerful and massive content, of course, you need to have a team of writers and editors who work professionally and are highly committed. However, if the steps above are done with painstaking results will definitely be worth it.


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