Tips Of Decorating Your Home Garden And Pool

Tips Of Decorating Your Home Garden And Pool

Tips And Tricks For How To Decorate Your Garden

In spring, when the first heats are coming up, it is high time to take care of your garden and prepare it for the coming summer. Indeed, the garden is not just a “bonus” which is added to your home, it is an extension of your cozy nest which deserves as much attention as the interior rooms, and which can bring a lot of satisfaction. Here are some ideas for how to decorate your garden and make it irresistible.

Tips Of Decorating Your Home Garden And Pool

Some tips to know before you start

To know how to decorate your garden, you must start by having in minded a few tips from gardeners and outdoor decorators. Here are 3 prerequisites to know first of all:

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Prepare your space: draw plans, compartmentalize your garden, provide spaces for the vegetable patch, the playground, etc. Everything must be well organized in your head well in advance.

Do not succumb to accumulation: your garden must remain a friendly and healthy place, and not become a shambles or a storage room. There is no point in installing 50 garden gnomes when one or two are doing the trick with discretion.

Do not be too functional: the garden is a part of the house in its own right, and deserves that you take care of its decoration and its atmosphere. Do not see it as a simple impersonal place of passage.

Once you have these prerequisites in mind, treat yourself with our few ideas for how to decorate your garden.

How to decorate your garden?

The layout of the garden is an essential step, the one that allows you to lay the foundations before moving on to the actual decoration. It’s about creating a pleasant landscape to look at and able to welcome your good ideas. For that :

Mow and water the lawn to make it perfect;

Prune plants: hedges, bushes, trees;

Clean the water points if you have any (pond, fountain);

Get rid of anything lying around that won’t serve you (old objects, worm-eaten wood, decadent flower pots, etc.)

Then you can think about the decoration itself. First, plants and flowers: organize a small vegetable patch in a corner of the garden, and enclose the different spaces of the surface with pots of flowers and original and colorful plants. For example, you can separate the garden terrace, or the vegetable garden, with a course of flowers.

Do not neglect the lighting which, in addition to being functional, resolutely gives charm to the exterior decoration. Floor lamps, light arches, garlands … The possibilities are endless and adapt to the style you want. Finally, don’t forget the practical side: a garden needs to be maintained, with tools and accessories that must be put away without creating apparent disorder. Opt for a wooden cabin with the most beautiful effect, to be installed at the bottom of the garden, or prefer more modern solutions such as a recycling cabinet transformed into a shelter.

Take care of your terrace

Second step: the terrace. Make it a living space, comfortable and functional, separate from the rest of the land but which is still an open door to the garden. The question of how to decorate your garden must necessarily include this space dedicated to relaxation and leisure: barbecue with friends, tasting under the stars, etc.

Suspended sails (like a boat sailing in the wind), pergola, wooden fences built with plant muses … There are many decorative solutions for terraces. The main thing is to make it a recreational and cozy space, and for that we encourage you to look at this previous article devoted to garden furniture.

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What is a garden furniture? A way to transpose outside the interior comfort of your living room, with table, chair, furniture, and even paintings, mirrors and decorative items. Different styles are available according to taste. Just don’t forget the essential accessory for any terrace: the sun loungers!

How to decorate your garden: bonus tips

The last step on our list of ideas for how to decorate your garden, is to put the icing on the cake: those little “extras” that will transform your exterior into an exceptional place to live. Here are some ideas:

For decoration: mini-fences surrounding the vegetable patch or plant spaces; pebbles decorated around the pond; a green wall…

For comfort and convenience: a hammock at the bottom of the garden, in the shade of the trees; a cabinet transformed into a shelter to store your tools; a wooden compost bin…

For recovery: if you like to rehabilitate old objects, remember to reuse your used flower boxes to make decorative accessories (by painting them in all colors, for example), color your wooden pallets and use them- as green walls, or recycle an old bathtub in a planter…

For children: because you have to think of the youngest, reserve a corner of the garden to make a playground; and make them a nice cabin on the branches of the big oak tree at the bottom of the garden!

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How to maintain your pool?

If you are one of the new owners of housing with a pool, you know that building the pool is the first step. But you should not ignore the importance of maintaining this swimming pool, essential to be able to fully enjoy the pleasure of swimming in all circumstances.

But do you know when and how to maintain a swimming pool?

The different components of a swimming pool

Yes, that seems obvious, but a swimming pool is made up of different elements that will have to be maintained separately.

Of course, there is first the pelvis. It can be a “buried” swimming pool or an above-ground swimming pool, wooden , concrete or polyester swimming pool etc… the reception structure requires regular maintenance anyway.

Then there is the water that fills your pool and welcomes you for swimming. This seems obvious, but it requires a very specific interview, combining chemistry and biology. Water is a living element that reacts to all interactions around the pool.

In maintenance, it is important not to forget the mechanical elements around the pool such as the pump, motors, filters etc.

Finally, all peripheral but very important elements such as the ladder, the coping, the robot etc. are to be taken into account during the maintenance without forgetting all the compulsory elements for the safety of a swimming pool for private use .

Water treatment.

In the end, all of the maintenance of the elements constituting a swimming pool amounts to maintaining the quality of bathing water at the best possible sanitary level.

Because it is water that is the key element of your leisure equipment.

We often forget that this element, even in a treated pool, remains alive and therefore evolving. Water reacts to all the physical actions caused by bathers, the weather, the surrounding garden.

As this specialist in swimming pool cleaning in Corsica explains, it is for example fundamental to take into account the variations of temperatures of spring to know when to intervene on the chemistry of water. Waiting for summer and the strong desire for swimming implies a much longer work to restart a swimming pool, therefore more products and more expenses. This company also specifies that the water treatment must be adapted to each region or city, the calcium hardness of the water (or TH) not being the same everywhere.

Thus the measurement of the pH then the treatments and the disinfection will have to be moderated according to the global interactions including the uncontrollable natural factors.

Elements outside the pool

When you do not yet have a personal swimming pool, you often underestimate the complexity of the various elements allowing the proper functioning of the whole.

Certainly there must be a well-made pool and “clean” water for swimming.

But this therefore implies the installation and maintenance in condition of equipment such as the pump which will be used to circulate the pool water permanently, prevent it from stagnating and, on the contrary, pass it very regularly through the famous filters.

These filters must be maintained very regularly. They are one of the main elements for clean water. Their cleaning is therefore fundamental so that the filtration action is always effective. To do so several times a year.

For heated pools, it is also very important to check the heating system at least twice a year. Increasingly often used, heat pumps for swimming pools also require regular maintenance to operate efficiently.

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Tips for choosing a pool fence

The pool fence or barrier is essential to properly secure your pool and to preserve privacy. It is a product that has evolved a lot over time in order to become as efficient as possible. Indeed, it is the pool fence that will prevent children from entering the pool without adult supervision, its presence is thus essential. If you have decided to install a pool fence, you must have noticed that there are several possible choices as to the material to be used. So what type of fence should you choose? Discover our guide to choosing the best fence according to your needs and preferences.

The criteria to make the right choice of pool fence

First, you must always take into account the two main functions of the pool fence, namely the role of protection and security and the aesthetic side since the fence can give more charm to your exterior or on the contrary, make it less pleasant to watch. Remember to also read about the essential elements for the pool (decoration, security and maintenance).

A secure swimming pool fence must meet certain requirements:

The type of material for your pool fence: you are spoiled for choice and each material has its advantages and disadvantages but you must choose the one that suits your tastes and budget.

There is the aluminum fence which is very resistant and modern but it remains quite expensive.

Then there is the wooden pool fence which is very aesthetic but which requires a lot of maintenance. In addition, wood is not recommended for a swimming pool because of the humidity.

You can also choose a PVC fence which is much cheaper than the others but is less resistant.

The glass pool fence has also been very popular lately with its modern and upscale side. But of course, it is much more expensive than other materials.

To make the best choice, you must observe these few criteria.

As Cloture discount specifies, the pool barrier must comply with safety standards, you must opt ​​for a fence that meets the requirements related to securing pools.


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