7 tips for your Well being

7 tips for your Well being

Do you want to feel better about yourself? It is true that sometimes life is difficult … … and it’s hard to get your head out of the water. But did you know that it is possible to feel good about yourself even when you are having a bad day?

Here are 7 tips to help you feel better about yourself and your head.

Eat well

Eat a balanced diet, vary the pleasures and intakes. Don’t starve yourself, but don’t stuff yourself either. Make sure you get all the nutrients you need while having fun.

Avoid dishes that are too rich, too salty or too sweet so as not to disturb your digestion and avoid being overweight. Bet on fresh fruits and vegetables, vary the flavors and textures, play with colors.

Sleep well

Organize yourself so that you can go to bed earlier and in good conditions. There is nothing better for the body and the mind than enjoying a complete and quality night’s rest. Avoid long evenings, heavy meals and alcohol before sleeping.


Exercise Moderate but regular physical activity. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming … It’s up to you to choose the discipline that suits you and gives you pleasure. – Reconnect with nature Treat yourself to walks in the countryside, in the forest, by the sea or on the heights.

Stay away from the city for a while so that you can reconnect with nature and recharge your batteries.


Take some good breaths of fresh air. Take the time to breathe in and out deeply to do good for your body and mind.

Restore confidence and relax

Relax with yoga, meditation or sophrology. Learn to travel deep within yourself, while boosting your confidence.

Maintain a work-life balance

Don’t let work take over your private and family life. Give time to everything. Problems at the office should not be transferred to the home.


Smile and laugh, it costs nothing. You will do yourself good, as well as the people around you. The health benefits of laughter are well established.



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