Tips For The First Time Condos Buyers


The condo is the short name for the condominium. Typically, a condo is a privately owned individual unit within a multiple unit building. The owners of the condos jointly own the shared common areas like gyms, pools, elevators, garages, etc. owning condo offers numerous advantages such as lower-maintenance living, amenities, sense of security, affordability, and opportunities to be social as well.


Factors to Consider While Buying a Condo

Condos can be an ideal choice for people who wish to own a piece of property and do not worry about maintenance. However, before you invest in White Rock condos for sale, it is essential to pay attention to consider the following factors.

Look for the Amenities You Want

Properties come with a variety of amenities. You might use some of them. Therefore, it is advised to have a word with a realtor regarding amenities in addition to the other major factors, such as budget and location.

Work With an Experienced Realtor

The contract for a condo is different from other types of residences. Therefore, it is important to search for an agent having experience of selling condos. The agent would know about the condo developments and the issues (if any) in the area and find the guide you through the process.

Review the Regulations & Association Fee

Along with the mortgage, you would need to pay the associated fee for the amenities and upkeep of the property. It is essential to ask about the regulations that you would need to abide like booking common areas in advance, noise restrictions, etc. Understanding the regulations would help you choose the right one from the available condos for sale in White Rock BC.

Along with this, do not forget to ask about the special assessments, parking space, and the company that maintains the property.


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