Tips For Parents: Differentiating Between Good And Great Teachers


Teaching is one of the most complicated jobs. More than grading papers, it’s about influencing young minds, motivating them, and challenging them to work harder. A good teacher is well able to explain things to his or her students. But a great one does more than that. A great teacher doesn’t only educate, s/he changes the future for his or her students. Here are a few tips on how you could tell if your child’s school has good teachers or great ones. 


Focus is on Learning 

A good teacher is usually all about making sure that students learn the lessons. They focus on the modules and learning materials. Whatever learning that happens only happens in this space. Great teachers teach, involve and help students to evolve through academic and other lessons. 

Focus is on Discovering

Great teachers identify the skillsets of each child in their class. They find out what your child’s talent is or where s/he excels at. They then work out the best ways on how to develop and hone that talent further. If you’re thinking about choosing a new school for your child in Malaysia, make sure you pick a Kuala Lumpur international school that has great teachers instead of only good ones. 


Emphasis is on Achievement

Good teachers are concerned about ensuring that the students successfully learned the lessons, that they remember it inside and out. However, that is the extent of what they teach. Their questions revolve around: “Did they learn what I taught?” or “Did my students successfully do what I asked them to?” 

Emphasis is on Advancement

Great teachers don’t just limit their themselves to the lesson. They’re less concerned with that. Instead, what they ask themselves is: “did these prepare my students for the hard work of real life? For the essential human tasks? How did these lessons help my students succeed in their own paths? How did it motivate them? Did these lessons stimulate their thinking, their belief systems, in ways that will change their lives?” 

Course of Study

Covers a Lot of Ground 

A good teacher will try to cover as much ground as possible and will attempt to get his or her students to remember a lot of content connected to the lessons. They think that content that repeats or reiterate the same ideas will help students remember the lessons much, much better. 

Ensures Lasting Skills

A great teacher knows that quality education doesn’t mean just feeding a ton of concepts, stories, or ideas into the students. While they need to cover a lot of ground, they do not focus on what not to teach. They get their students to concentrate on the moment. They work on emphasizing the lesson instead of repeating it by rote. 


Follows the textbook route

A good teacher is usually by the book, and that often means that anyone who disturbs the class isn’t going to be seen in a good light. That includes smart alecks or sceptics. These teachers will look on these students as disruptive troublemakers. 

Follows the inclusive learning

Great teachers aren’t bothered by smart alecks, though. They usually have the experience, mindset and background to know just what to say to turn the situation around, to get the troublemaker to see the errancy of his or her ways. A great teacher has the quiet confidence to turn that into a teaching moment or say something that will make the disturbance or interruption feel silly. Or, they might even say that the smart-aleck is correct and that usually deflates the triumphant cry of the troublemakers. That’s because great teachers aren’t afraid to admit when they’re wrong or say that they don’t know. They aren’t threatened by the behaviour, knowing that most of it are fueled by curiosity and not malice. 

Interactions with Students

Knows Students in Class

A good teacher knows all the students in his or her subject. But only so far as those students are when the class is in session. The teacher will most likely not have an idea of what these students are up to or who they even are outside of class. 

Knows Students Outside of Class

Great teachers know their students much more than just who they are in class. They know their personalities and attitudes. They know their talents and skills. Some teachers know where their students excel, what areas or fields of study should they encourage the child, and more. That’s why they know which child they should send out to a writing contest or who should compete at that drawing contest. 

Instilling Belief

Achieves What’s Possible

Good teachers help students achieve what they thought was possible with the class. They set a goal and by the end of the session, are satisfied when the students deliver as per expectations. 

Achieves the Impossible 

Great teachers help students realize and achieve what they never even thought possible. It is one of the most distinctive edge that great teachers have over good ones and what you should look for.  


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